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News - Def Leppard To Release Live Album In May

Thursday, 13th January 2011 | 

Phil Collen was interviewed by Vintage Rock at the NAMM show on 12th January and talked about Def Leppard and Man Raze.

Phil said the band are currently finishing up the new album tracks and the album will be out in May as expected. Man Raze will release the lead track to the I, Superbiker film in February and Phil will soon launch his record label with C.J. Vanston which was mentioned last December.

Phil Collen Interview Quotes

"We're recording - finishing off our next album which will be out in May and then we're gonna go on tour. I'm at home recording guitars and two of the other guys are in Dublin, Ireland - they're working and technology - I just send the file over and we just do that, it's great."

"I have another band called Man Raze and we have the lead song - the theme tune on a movie called I, Superbiker which is a documentary about superbikes. And that's gonna be coming out February I think, in England."

"And I've got a new record label coming out called Moodah Music. And that's gonna be coming out. It's me and my partner C.J. Vanston we're actually - instead of like albums and everything, we're concentrating on one song by an artist or collaborations with artists. So it's a lot of fun actually and it's a very diverse kind of collection of music as well so yeah that'll be coming out pretty soon as well."

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