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News - Joe Elliott Interviewed On KMOX-AM Radio

Sunday, 2nd January 2011 | 

Joe Elliott spoke to KMOX-AM radio on 30th December during the John Carney show. Joe was promoting the Down 'N' Outz and also spoke about Def Leppard's plans for 2011. This was a follow up to an earlier interview in July. Both audio interviews are available to listen to.

Listen to and download the full nine minute (30th Dec) and 15 minute (16th Jul) interviews below.

30th Dec 2010 - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

"We're actually recording and writing new songs as I speak you know. As soon as I'm done with these interviews I'm going downstairs to finish some stuff off. It's all go you know and it's great but the beautiful thing is the studio is in my house."

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16th Jul 2010 - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

"Next year Leppard will roar again. We're working pretty hard this year as well even though it's a year off we're just not touring. We've got a lot of things on the go at the moment. We're writing new material, we're working on a live album, which will probably tie in with a DVD. We've got a couple of coffee table books that we're planning to get ready for like Christmas stocking fillers and that kind of thing. And don't laugh too hard but we're working on a cartoon strip as well at the moment - a cartoon series for TV."

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