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News - Rockpages John Kongos Interview

Friday, 11th February 2011 | 

Rockpages have uploaded another in their series of Def Leppard related interviews this time with John Kongos. John was the programmer on the 'Pyromania' album.

Rockpages - John Kongos Interview Quote

How about Mutt Lange? Was he the dominant figure in the studio and the sixth Def Leppard member?

"Very much so - he added to some of the vocal harmonies, was a songwriter himself and had the technical knowledge, which I am sure DL now have, but didn't at the time. Mutt had an amazing ability to stay focused on what he was trying to achieve - the album was very expensive and had all the record executives worried - they were very happy when the money started to pour in after it became an enormous success. My time with the project was about two weeks of 18-hour days - just on the drums!"

Thanks to Sakis Nikas.

Read the full interview at -

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