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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard/Motley Crue In Nottingham - Live Blog/Setlist Updates

Thursday, 8th December 2011 | 

Def Leppard/Motley Crue.

Def Leppard play the second show of their co-headline tour with Motley Crue tonight at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Keep hitting F5 (refreshing the page) for more updates. UK fans Andy, David and Sue will be at the show and will be giving updates.

The main show page will be updated with a setlist and any reviews/pics after the show. Any contributions are welcomed.

Live Blog - Nottingham 2011 Show | #mirrorball

11:28pm - And the second UK show of this tour leg is done. Thanks to Andy and Sue for the reports and the pics. Looks like this tour is going to be a great one!. Goodnight!.

11:22pm - The sixth pic from Andy. Goodnight Nottingham.

11:19pm - From Andy - "Joe introduced LGR by dedicating it to anyone that saw them in 79. Which made me think wasted would be played."

11:17pm - Longest UK show since 17th June 2006 in Sheffield - (and I know cause I was there).

11:13pm - Encore. Def Leppard song #18 'Let's Get Rocked" - a big fat 18 pounder, Y'all.

11:13pm - From Andy - "LGR to finish"

11:11pm - Me - I guess that was a reaction to it ending - we'll see.

11:10pm - From Andy - "Someone next to me said I hope they play wasted"

11:10pm - From Andy - "F*ck the curfew let's keep going"

11:00pm - Encore. Def Leppard song #17 'Love Bites"

11:00pm - From Andy - "Well I'm wrong, love bites"

11:00pm - From Andy - "Prob only one encore tonight is my guess"

10:54pm - Def Leppard song #16 'Pour Some Sugar On Me"

10:54pm - From Andy - "Sugar"

10:52pm - The fifth pic from Andy. Photograph.

10:49pm - Def Leppard song #15 'Photograph" - LGR as the lone encore after PSSOM to finish?. Stay tuned.

10:49pm - Def Leppard song #14 'Animal"

10:49pm - From Andy - "Animal photograph"

10:40pm - Def Leppard song #13 'Armageddon It"

10:40pm - From Andy - "Armageddon It"

10:38pm - Me - Bitchin' setlist eh? - comment at bottom of page. Or click LIKE above :)

10:35pm - The fourth pic from Andy. Switch.

10:32pm - Def Leppard song #12 'Hysteria"

10:32pm - From Andy - "Hysteria"

10:28pm - Def Leppard song #11 'Switch 625"

10:28pm - From Andy - "Switch 625"

10:26pm - Def Leppard song #10 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak"

10:26pm - From Andy - "BOTH"

10:24pm - The fourth pic from Sue. Two Steps Behind.

10:22pm - Def Leppard song #9 'Two Steps Behind"

10:22pm - From Andy - "TSB"

10:20pm - From Andy - "Happy birthday to Phil"

10:20pm - From Andy - "Acoustic time"

10:18pm - The third pic from Andy. Gods Of War.

10:15pm - From Andy - "Gods and women well reveived" - I should hope so!

10:15pm - Def Leppard song #8 'Gods Of War" - Yes!. Another pic coming up.

10:15pm - From Andy - "Gods of war"

10:13pm - First UK play for 'Women' since 31st October 2003 in London. And I know cause I was there.

10:11pm - Def Leppard song #7 'Women"

10:11pm - From Andy - "Women!!"

10:06pm - The second pic from Andy. Blue.

10:02pm - Def Leppard song #6 'When Love & Hate Collide" - change of order. Another Lep pic to follow.

10:02pm - Def Leppard song #5 'Let It Go"

10:02pm - From Andy - "Let it go, now lighters out it's WLAHC"

9:59pm - The first pic from Andy. Rocket.

9:56pm - The third pic from Sue. Tommy Lee on a piano.

9:55pm - From Andy - "And it's going down a storm"

9:53pm - The second pic from Sue. Tommy Lee.

9:47pm - Def Leppard song #4 'Make Love Like A Man' - ....Git!.

9:47pm - From Andy - "Die hard the hunter!!! Wow!!! Hold on, sorry it's MLLAM, my mistake"

9:49pm - The first pic from Sue. Vince Neil.

9:47pm - Def Leppard song #3 'Action' - editing pics :).

9:47pm - From Andy - "Action"

9:45pm - Nikki Sixx on Kerrang Radio about the tour - "this is something that will probably happen again somewhere else" - hmmm.

9:43pm - Def Leppard song #2 'Rocket (Single Version)'.

9:43pm - From Andy - "Perfect sound again"

9:42pm - From Andy - "Rocket"

9:42pm - From Andy - "Here we go undefeated"

9:35pm - Def Leppard song #1 'Undefeated'.

9:33pm - From Andy - "Why do people come to gigs to chat" - Oops.

9:31pm - From Andy - "For those about to rock....... We record you"

9:31pm - From Andy - "Oh no tapers nightmare, silly women next to me!!" - re. LOL

9:30pm - Well I make it 9:30pm show time.

9:23pm - Nikki Sixx on Kerrang Radio - "we'll probably give it another five years and do a farewell tour" - For any Motley fans reading. 8 mins to go.

9:18pm - Nikki Sixx Interview recorded in Birmingham on Kerrang Radio - Now

9:13pm - From Andy - "#defleppard will Wasted be in the set after phils wife had a mini rant today? It certainly wasn't the worst received song in Birmingham." - LOL...

9:05pm - From Andy - "Roll on def leppard. 30 mins to go."

9:02pm - From Andy - "Crue in Nottingham, same set as Birmingham. Great stuff."

9pm - From Andy (8pm-ish) - "Tommy ad-libbing and getting in the crowd, micks guitar is broke"

9pm - From Andy (earlier on) - "Sound for Crue much better. Set 4 songs in as Birmingham"

9pm - From Andy (earlier on) - "Crue sound is too bass heavy"

9pm - From Andy (earlier on) - "Steel panther in Nottingham - fuckin awesome!!" - mind your language!

9pm - Blog is now LIVE. If you see any news/updates online about the show please contribute.

As with the previous blogs - new updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.