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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard/Motley Crue In Birmingham - Live Blog/Setlist Updates

Tuesday, 6th December 2011 | 

Def Leppard/Motley Crue.

Def Leppard play the first night of their co-headline tour with Motley Crue tonight at the LG Arena in Birmingham, England. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Keep hitting F5 (refreshing the page) for more updates. Italian fan Luca and UK fan Lee will both be at the show and will be giving updates.

The main show page will be updated with a setlist and any reviews/pics after the show. Any contributions are welcomed.

Live Blog - Birmingham 2011 Show | #mirrorball

11:26pm - Last words, no ballads in the encore. Goodnight!.

11:25pm - Thanks again to Luca, Lee and Andy.

11:15pm - Natasha writes online - "Def Leppard were INCREDIBLE. Such a well earned treat."

11:11pm - Action, Let It Go, Gods Of War, Wasted - has a certain ring to it. Don't cha think?. I'll give this another 20 mins or so for any other comments or pics to surface but I think we're done here. Birmingham got rocked - and how!

11:04pm - From Andylgr - "No ROA" - That's what I said. BTW 'Love Bites' wasn't played in 2008 either but was played in June at those three shows (edit).

11:03pm - No Rock Of Ages. Now that is a change.

10:54pm - From Luca - "A videowith end credits title! End of the show!!!"

10:59pm - Four little words?...

10:54pm - From Luca - "Wasted! Screen started back to work at the end of LGR" - Bloomin' Nora!

10:54pm - Encore - Def Leppard song #17 'Wasted' - :)

10:51pm - From Luca - "Screens behind stage are off during LGR! Not sure it's correct" - D'oh! - (Get, it?...). 17 songs would be one more than in 2008. No 'Love Bites' this time it seems.

10:51pm - From Luca - "No surprise in the first encore! LGR"

10:51pm - Encore - Def Leppard song #16 'Let's Get Rocked' - I forgot about this one

10:50pm - From Andylgr - "no bass solo"

10:47pm - From Luca - "Sugar to close the regular setlist! Union Jack on now!!!!!"

10:47pm - Def Leppard song #15 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' - well I was close. Only ROA as the encore? still 13 mins by my reckoning, and these updates are slightly delayed.

10:40pm - From Luca - "Animal linked to armageddon and now Photograph"

10:39pm - Def Leppard song #14 'Photograph'

10:39pm - Def Leppard song #13 'Animal'

10:30pm - From Luca - "Armageddon" - It! Looking back to June I think we have ourselves a possible 17/18 song set here...If 'Animal' is next that is.

10:30pm - Def Leppard song #12 'Armageddon It'

10:25pm - From Luca - "Switch625 and Hysteria now. Great show!!! Joe voice is fantastic!!!"

10:24pm - Def Leppard song #11 'Hysteria'

10:24pm - Def Leppard song #10 'Switch 625'

10:20pm - A pic posted online by Vicky Anne - GOW.

10:14pm - Def Leppard song #9 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak'. Or BOTH, to those of us in the know.

10:14pm - Def Leppard song #8 'Two Steps Behind'

10:14pm - From Luca - "Acoustic set: Two steps behind, BOTH"

10:08pm - From Andylgr - "GOW wow!" - Indeed, Sir!

10:06pm - Me - If they play this set in Sheffield I may forgive Alanis Morissette for getting married!..."May..."

10:05pm - From Luca - "When Love & Hate Collide, Let It Go, Gods of War" - Lee beat you to it but thanks!

10:04pm - Def Leppard song #7 'Gods Of War'. Good Lord!

10:04pm - Def Leppard song #6 'Let It Go'. Booya!

10:04pm - Def Leppard song #5 'When Love & Hate Collide'. Not in the encore, hmmm.

10pm - From Lee - "WLAHC.let it go, gods" - Now I'm excited again!

9:55pm - The ninth pic from Lee. The other guys.

9:53pm - Def Leppard song #4 'Make Love Like A Man'

9:51pm - The eighth pic from Lee. Phil Collen, as if you didn't know.

9:46pm - From Luca - "Make love like a man! Great sound, they are simply perfect!!!"

9:45pm - 'The' Vince Neil - "Just finished a rockin set in Birmingham with Def Leppard!!!!! Gunna be hard to top that crazy crowd!!!!"

9:41pm - Def Leppard song #3 'Action'. Pretty sure 'Rocket' was the Single Version. First time this tour.

9:37pm - From Luca - "Action"

9:40pm - The third pic from Andylgr. Def Leppard! :).

9:37pm - Def Leppard song #2 'Rocket' - ooh.

9:37pm - From Luca - "Rocket as second song in the setlist"

9:34pm - Def Leppard song #1 'Undefeated' (Long Version).

9:33pm - From Luca - "Undefeated!!! Wow! What a stage!!!"

9:30pm - From Andylgr - "I can see them behind the speakers ready to come on."

9:28pm - From Lee - "For those about to rock!!!!!" - Here we go.

9:26pm - From Luca - "For those about to rock!!! Not sure they are ready..."

9:21pm - From Andylgr - "Crue put on a great rock show, that will be tough to top."

9:20pm - From Luca - "Stage is almost ready! Almost because half of the tommy drum kit is still there! Joe mic appeared on stage! Builing up Rick drum kit" - 10 mins.

9:18pm - Nikki Sixx says - "Birmingham set the bar for the rest of the UK. Def Leppard are up next. Gonna be a sick tour. Thank you.".

9:18pm - From Luca - "Tommy Drum kit is still on stage but it is about to be brought outside in pieces! There will be at leadt 20 people workin on it!".

9:13pm - From Andylgr - "Leps have got to be at the top of their game to better this Crue show so far." - Our third UK blogger enters the action (pun intended).

9:10pm - The second pic from Andylgr. Motley Crue.

9:09pm - The first pic from Andylgr. Motley Crue.

9:02pm - From Luca - "Crue show is over! Great one even if Vince was struggling a lot in the last songs. Now Def Leppard in 30 minutes!!!".

9:02pm - From Lee - "And battery running low on phone so will post some pics if I can!!!"

9pm - From Lee - "Soaked and covered in fake blood!! Leps up next!!!" - I did warn him. Hope the camera is OK!.

8:52pm - From Luca - "Smokin in the boys room! Now kickstart my heart to close the show" - Motley Crue over. Guess who's up next at 9:30pm?.

8:40pm - From Luca - "Motherfucker of the year. Now Girls Girls Girls lg arena is jumping and singing!!!".

8:34pm - And it's all gone quiet. A brief lull. Just under one hour to Def Leppard and i'm playing an album called 'High 'n' Dry'.

8:26pm - From Luca - "Tommy is crazy!!! Wow!! A guy from the audience joined him in the second part of the solo! He must be dead... Mick solo now. Dr Feelgood !!!" - and after an obligatory Cup Of Tea + food break we're back live!.

8:15pm - From Luca - "Look that kills! Tommy drum solo now! Lets enjoy it" - contest winner about to be strapped in for a ride.

8:08pm - The seventh pic from Lee. Vince stage front.

8:07pm - The sixth pic from Lee. Home Sweet Thrust.

8:01pm - From Luca - "Primal Scream! Now a piano appear, tommy! Home sweet home to arrive"

7:52pm - From Luca - "Shout at the devil, SOS (Same Ol' Situation)" - setlist update.

7:51pm - In just over 90mins Def Leppard will be on stage for their first Birmingham show since June 2008.

7:41pm - From Luca - "Wild side, saint of los angeles live wire" - the setlist so far.

7:40pm - The fifth pic from Lee. Vince Neil again.

7:36pm - The fourth pic from Lee. This should be fun.

7:34pm - The third pic from Lee. Motley Crue have started!

7:31pm - From Luca - "Lights off!!! Bang bang bang Motley Crue on stage live wire".

7:30pm - From Lee - "Motley Cre due on from behind a curtain... And the rollercoaster has been spotted!!"

7:20pm - From Luca - "White curtain! Crue onstage in 15 minutes! The crowd is hot Crue Crue Crue Crue". Now 10 mins to go.

7:13pm - Steel Panther's set was indeed 40mins. Tommy Lee asking if anyone found his hidden tickets/passes - I guess not.

7:08pm - From Luca - "Death to all but metal to close the Steel Panther setlist wow great show! Shame the few poor lights used". Next up Motley Crue!

7:03pm - From Luca - "17 girls in a row" - !

6:57pm - From Luca - "Community property! Great fun and great music"

6:55pm - From Luca - "Wow what a great audience reaction to steel panther show!!! Long chat between songs for akk members and lots of laught"

6:51pm - From Luca - "They asked for topless girl and they got it!!! Now playing gold digger whore" - (me - calm down Luca)

6:50pm - The second pic from Lee. "Steel panther going down a storm..."

6:46pm - From Luca - "Just like tiger woods" - (me - see below)

6:43pm - From Luca - "Asian Hooker" - (me - I guess that's a song title...)

6:40pm - From Luca - onstage quote "please make some noise for the best drummer in this band" ahah they are so funny."

6:35pm - From Luca - "Tomorrow Night now! Very good sound. No lights for them if they walk to the thrust area".

6:32pm - From Luca - "Supersonic Sex Machine to start the show" - Steel Panther.

6:30pm - From Luca - "Lights off!! Lets rock".

6:27pm - From Luca - "What a great venue!!! I really love LG Arena! Steel Panther should be on stage in 10 minutes!!".

6:24pm - Track #4 'Looks That Kill'. T minus 6 mins and counting.

6:19pm - Track #2 'Piece Of Your Action'. Def Leppard playing 1hr35mins? Joe did mention curfews may vary at these shows. Maybe more than just 16 songs tonight? we'll see. Show starts in just over ten mins with SP.

6:12pm - And I've just popped in my Motley Crue 'Decade Of Decadence' CD. Let's Rock!

6:10pm - From Lee 20 mins ago - "On the barrier - Steel Panther due on in 50 mins. Steel Panther to play 40min set, Motley Crue 1 hour 25min, Def Leppard 1 hour 35mins...."

6:07pm - Tommy Lee just hid tickets/passes - Here ?

6pm - The first pic from Lee. Steel Panther stage set up/backdrop.

6pm - We have, not one, but BOTH of our live bloggers from June at the LG Arena reporting on proceedings. Let the mayhem begin, there may be blood this time!. Luca already met Sav and Viv by the backstage doors.

6pm - Blog is now LIVE. If you see any news/updates online about the show please contribute.

As with the three blogs in June - new updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.