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News - Rockpages Tom Allom Interview

Wednesday, 4th May 2011 | 

Rockpages have uploaded another in their series of Def Leppard related interviews this time with Tom Allom. Tom produced the debut album 'On Through The Night'.

Rockpages - Tom Allom Interview Quote

What do you remember from those recording sessions? Was it hard to work with an inexperienced -recording wise- band or was the band tight and easy going to work with?

The band was very tight and it was easy to get good performances out of them. They had no fear of the studio and because I was quite a bit older than them (they were very young at the time) I think they looked on me as a kind of father figure! It was them that nicknamed me The Colonel.

Many thanks to Sakis Nikas.

Read the full interview at -

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