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Tuesday, 6th December 2011

Birmingham, England - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Andylgr

Steel Panther were a very good opener, musically excellent and funny as f*ck too. I'm not sure everyone found them funny though.

Motley Crue, there was no real build up or intro they just hit the stage with Pyro and were in to Wild Side. I thoroughly enjoyed their set, as a casual fan it ticked all the boxes with Primal Scream, Shout at the Devil, Girls Girls Girls, Looks that Kill, Dr Feelgood, Home Sweet Home, Smoking in the Boys Room. Add to that the pyro and the fireworks and it was a real spectacle. But the 360 drum set really tops it off, drum solos are usually shit, but Tommy Lee has taken it to another level, it was fantastic. To finish it all off they threw fake blood in to the crowd, and soaked the front rows of people. They also had use of the Leps video screens to show images to go with the songs, however they showed no video of the band onstage which is what the Leps had with the 2 main side screens.

After that the Leps really had a hard act to follow. But they came on and did a great job and the sound was perfect to my ears. But its hard to be impartial in reviewing the Leps with knowing setlists inside out and hearing so many bootlegs. Highlights were Let it Go, Wasted and GOW. But even my lowlights like Action, MLLAM and TSB went down well with the crowd. Joe sounded on decent form too. I'll say again that Armageddon It going into Animal sounds awkward, it takes the crowd a little while to realise they've changed tracks. I also prefer the shorter version of Rocket that they played over the extended version. The exclusion of ROA was a real surprise and a welcome one too because Wasted replaced it. On the evidence of this opening nights setlist and looking at what they played recently in Japan then there is scope for them to mix up the setlists as the UK tour progresses (I hope so anyway).

Overall its so hard to call who went down best, Crue or Lep. It was close and both bands should be giving each other a run for their money on this tour.

Fan Review - By Bob Browne, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

I was nervous about this pairing of two big names and thought Motley would blow Lep away!

It turned out that Lep were the better act and after talking to a few people after gig they agreed! They were Crue fans as well!

I had travelled from Omagh in Northern Ireland to see the gig and wasn't disappointed both bands gave a great performance but Lep seemed the more polished. I read Eddies review of London and to be honest its way off the mark and wonder if he was even there!. I also went to see them in Toronto this year and they were fantastic as well.

Keep up the good work Darren


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