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Monday, 27th August 2007

Raleigh, NC - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Marianne

What a rollercoaster ride last week was! Our much anticipated show on the 21st was rescheduled because of 'tornado like' conditions. Pounding rain, wind & hail replaced the sound of music that night. There was not a dry spot in the house, not even backstage because Mother Nature peeled off a 30 foot section of the pavilion roof. It was really bad y'all.

On Monday, the weather was perfect...clear, 15 degrees cooler and there was a full moon. A perfect evening to enjoy Def Leppard. We were so glad they came back, and I hope they were too. It was the third show in a row for them, and I bet they were tired.

It was a fantastic show. They always looked like they were having fun up there. And I swear I've seen Viv give Dave the finger at every show for some reason or another...LOL

The setlist rocked. They were all over the thrust and tearing the place apart. It was a night packed full of good friends and good music. I especially enjoyed Joe with the camera, and having the guys read my sign. It simply said-

"Not wind, nor rain, not hail can stop Def Leppard from rockin' the creek"

A good time was had by all that night. Until next time.


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