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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Catherine Cleland

Mohegan Sun, what to say? Not my favorite venue now that I've done it twice and experienced PNC in Jersey (great place to see a show). Walking to will call to see about my passes, I saw a small gathering behind a rope and thought maybe there was something worth watching. Not really, but I hung around anyway. Def Leppard and Journey were being honored for not much more than showing up all the time and of course bringing in a few more gamblers who wouldn't normally put their money on the table. Joe said it was the 7th time they had played the venue, but I'm not sure why Journey was being honored other than they figured why not since they are here! It was short, sweet and to the point, a few photos of them with the "star", Joe of course saying a few words and then off they went. We waited about 15 minutes and the presentation lasted 5 minutes. Still, a nice public relations prop as non Lep fans will be walking around there constantly and seeing the rockers' name!

The highlight might have been meeting Stoll Vaughan. I know, it's a Lep show, that should be the highlight, but having seen them three times already and having heard the setlist already, it was exciting to have a new experience to tack on to this gig! Met Stoll in the Starbucks getting two coffees (one probably being for Phil since we know he loves Starbucks). We chatted for about 10 minutes. What a genuinely nice guy, no airs, no frills, just good ole Kentucky kindness! He ran into me again after the show and we chatted another minute and took a photo. I went promptly to buy his CD, Love Like A Mule! I listened to nothing but that on my three hour ride home! If you like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan with a little old fashioned storytelling thrown in, you need to get Love Like A Mule. Great lyrics, good music and just good for the soul! And the guts it takes to get up there on stage even for 20 minutes with nothing but your blue jeans and a guitar.

Ok, sorry for the rambling. Journey needs to keep Soto. He has tremendous energy and enthusiasm for the songs and is superbly better than the second singer (don't shoot me, Augeri fans). He has a touch of hip hop stage presence and though I dislike hip hop, it works!! Constantly flipping the mic, kneeling down on stage, pointing at the crowd and shouting encouragement and jumping up behind the amazing Deen Castranovo. He makes the Journey show worth watching for me now when before I sat through some of it. And can I say Journey was loud! My insides were thumping to Deen's drums and Ross' bass notes. I did look behind me quite a few times and until Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin the majority of the audience was sitting ... a shame.

On to Leppard. Not much to say actually. I thought it was a good show, I guess I just don't like the Mohegan crowd much. Security is always pulling people out for fighting and whatnot. Irritating and distracting. The people just don't seem to be as "into it" as some other places I've been. Of course I was too busy taking photos, but even the front row a few people were less than rocking. I want to see fists in the air, people jumping up and down, et., but it seemed to be the usual suspects. I did see quite a few older people in the audience singing and letting their hair down a bit! Anyway, I thought the band was a little lackluster or was it again just the crowd? Nothing thrown on stage, no signs, no excitement. Well, ok, there was a bit of yelling when Joe mentioned showing Buffalo how loud we could be. Joe didn't interact as much with the front rows, it didn't seem, though Viv was enjoying himself and the happy females as usual! Joe did get the union jack flag and put it on his mic stand as I saw him do at Jones Beach and say he "felt like **** Steven Tyler." Rick was all smiles as usual and 20th Century Boy may just become a staple. It works really well!

Of course, I'm still mourning the quick end of Hellraiser, but can't have it all. I do wish they would change things up a bit and I think it would give the band a renewed energy. I'm sure they are bored with playing the same songs repeatedly. Women is nice, but as I told Stoll, it seems bizarre that they are promoting a new album and playing 1 song from it (I don't count Rock On since they played it last year). I just don't want them to become an 80s nostalgia band and they are on their way toward that! Enough of that, I thought Joe sounded strong and the guitar duel on Rocket is a real treat! Perhaps they will change things up a bit and I'll have more to say after New Hampshire in November!!

Fan Review - By Joe

Hey, the show Tuesday night at the Mohegan Sun was awesome. I saw Leppard there in 2005 with Tesla, and this show was just as good. Arena was packed, and the boys definitely rocked the place. They had a ton of energy on stage, and Joe mentioned something to the audience about being considered a House Band at Mohegan Sun because they have played there about 6 times already.

It was nice to hear "Women" in the set, but wish they played "Rock Rock Till You Drop". That's one of my favorites. Someone in the first couple of rows threw a British Flag up on Stage, and Joe wrapped it around his microphone. He said, "I feel like Steven Tyler up here now". ahahhaha. All the hits were played, and everyone in the audience had a blast. Hope to see these guys come around here again soon, but not on a co-headlining tour. They deserve to be the Headliner only.

Fan Review - By Deflepfan4ever

I took my friend as she had never been to a concert in her whole life.. She enjoyed the show but not as much as me lol We were on side stage on Phil's Side had a GREAT few, Our section was Rock'n all night :) Journey was good the band should keep the lead singer he is awesome..No one can be as good as Def Lep from the opening to Lets get Rocked to closing of Sugar every one was on their feet.I love Rock On still a favorite of mine..20th Century boy comes into a close 2nd who needs backup singers? def leppard did great without them..:) The only compliant is that the show was not long enough & still disappointed there were people sitting down in the upper levels ..Why go to a Rock concert if that is all ure gonna do? O well to each their own I guess..I finally got my YEAH shirt N sore throat from singin N screaming it was all worth it..:) Until next time N there will be. Rock ON! :)

Fan Review - By MB

I have yet to see a DL show that lets me down, in any way, shape or form! And this was no exception! Unfortunately for me, I ended up not taking a half day off from work so I ended up missing the Walk of Fame induction... but got to see some great shots from people who were there.

I had pretty much the same seat but this time around I had some fantastic people around me who, in advance of the show, asked ME if it was ok that they were rowdy... and that was the middle of my night!

My evening began with a drive to the venue and when I got there, I was contacted by a friend who told me to stay by my phone all evening... in the middle of dinner he asked me what I was up to and could I meet him... so the end result was me meeting Phil and Rick and Malvin backstage before the show! Maybe not the highlight of their night - but it made my year complete!!

And to top it all off - the show was fantastic! I was upset that they left off "Hellraiser" since it is one of my faves from the new CD - but they DID do 20CB so I rocked out to that one. It seemed like the boys were having a blast and Joe's voice was top notch! And I don't care what anyone says - I can never get enough of their dramatic take on "Rock On" - the whole bass thing, the low, reverent lights, Joe walking out slowly with his long coat on... gives me shivers every time! And admittedly, I did not miss anything from "Slang" or "X". Sure wish they would come back again.