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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Media Review - By Frode Johnsrud

Recently having made efforts to avoid being labeled as Heavy Metal, Def Leppard took the stage at the SRF with "Let It Go," an oldie from the High 'n' Dry days, then followed up quickly with "Rock, Rock ('til You Drop)." Heavy Metal or not, these are anthems for true Metalheads - like it or not, Joe.

The sound was good, as was case with most bands at this year's festival, proving that the SRF promoters are indeed on top of their game.

A few so-called new songs, among them a T.Rex cover, were performed (so-called because they came off the recent album Yeah, which is da Lepps paying tribute to their idols). But, it was of course the hits that made the ground shake: "Photograph," "Hysteria," "Love Bites," "Animal," "Armageddon It" - you name them, and they did them, only "Fooling" was missed.

90 minutes went quickly by, as they do when fun is being had, but a 15-minute version of "Rocket," a bass solo, and the fact that Elliot is not dead-on when singing the Pyromania stuff these days, must be mentioned as low points.

By Frode Johnsrud @ Metal Express 2006.