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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Darny

Last night, Def Leppard and Journey rocked Raleigh on the fourth of july. I that the opening act (sorry, can't remember his name) was pretty good. When Journey hit the stage it was still light out, but they played pretty well too. I was having a hard time hearing the singer over the guitars and bass though. I thought that the drummer was the better singer of the two. He sang about 3 songs by himself, one of the being "Open Arms". The highlight of their set would definently be their guitarists rendition of the National Anthem on his guitar. It was pretty cool, and got the crowd going. Journey's set ended at 9:00.

Next Was Def Leppard. They hit the stage around 9:30, and were AMAZING. I had a seat only 10 rows back, and the sound was perfect, so I was pretty pleased with their performance. They came out to the Hellraiser LOOK OUT! audio, but jumped right into Let It Go instead of actually playing Hellraiser. Their set remeained the same as the concert the night before, and I though that 20th Century Boy sounded awesome, and with NO backup singers. Crowd favorites were of course, Rocket, Rock of Ages, Photograph, and Pour Some Sugar On Me. All in all, it was an awesome show. I honestly believe that the lepps blew journey out of the water, but that may just be my bias. I just wish the Lepps could have played a bit longer. I mean, Joe's voice was in tip top shape, so I could just imagine how awesome a songs like Stagefright, and Another Hit and Run would have sounded.

Fan Review - By Marianne

Wow what a show!! Def Leppard was hot! felt like 100 degrees last about hot sticky sweet!! I managed to get to the second row when "We Will Rock You" was playing. Then the lights went out and we heard the familiar "Lookout!" from "Hellraiser". What a suprise for us when they opened with "Let It Go"!! The setlist has changed since I saw the opening show in Camden, NJ. "Let's Get Rocked" was added, "Foolin'", and "20th Century Boy". The guys did all the backing vocals for it, and it was awesome!

They were drenched with sweat by the end of the first song. Of course, Phil didn't even bother with a shirt. Smart man, and lucky for us girls! Towards the end of MLLAM when there's a break, Joe said "F#*k it's hot!" and took of his leather jacket before he finished the song. LOL The band was dead on last night and gave it their all despite the hot 4th of July heat. It was nice to be able to see Rick playing-and I love the fact he smiles all night long. The new stage set up is awesome and of course, the video screen in the back it a treat for any Def Leppard fan. It's nice to see Steve on stage with them again. As usual, Joe promised not to forget us, if we don't forget them. No way will never be forgetten in this neck of the woods!!