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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Helen

This was the first opportunity I had of seeing the guys live and it was a real shame they had to share the gig with 3 other bands as they were only on for an hour then one encore. Not being a musician and just really glad to be there, I didn't notice any sound problems as stated. In fact, they sounded really good. Viv did Justin Hawkins bit on Hellraiser - didn't do it quite as high as Justin but it sounded fine. Joe's voice was a little husky but I suppose that's only to be expected at the beginning of a tour and it just made him sound more sexy! Rick Allen was amazing on the drums - there was quite a long drum and guitar piece in Rocket (not sure if this is usual being a live Lep virgin!). Sav and Phil were brilliant. Rock On sounded amazing.

They belted out the usual favourites, but didn't do any ballads which I was a little disappointed at, as they'd done Hysteria in Milan. I really wish I was going to the Sheffield gig as I'm sure they'll be on a lot longer than an hour, especially as its their home town. The Germans don't seem quite as mad as the Brits at concerts and although the front of stage area were doing their bit, the rest of them in the seated area didn't appear to be quite as enthusiastic as me and my friend!! Being English and so near the World Cup we couldn't resist flying the English Flag which didn't go un-noticed by the band - or the Germans!!!! All in all they were fantastic and I'll definitely be seeing them again in the future.