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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Roberta

The show was amazing. Joe's voice was right on. He hit 99% of the notes and never really sounded strained. I was right in front of Sav in the 6th row. I had on my Steve Clark t-shirt and he pointed at me and gave a thumbs up. The guys were all over the stage. Joe commented that it was hazy/foggy in here tonight. It rained off and on all day. The crowd were really into both bands. One of the fun parts of the night was when Joe had the back of the audience scream and the front was quiet, then vice versa. The man has great control over a crowd. Joe introduced Viv as the guy who was inspired by Marc Bolan, introduced Sav as his good friend for 29 years, Rick as the guy in the back!!, and Phil.... mmmm, I can't remember.

Okay on to Stoll Vaughn, he is a combo of John Lennon, and Bob Dylan. He was ok, he brought out the bassist and keyboarder from Journey.

Journey was fantastic. Jeff Scott Soto was incredible. He can't hit all the high notes that the Steves can hit but he is so full of energy. It almost seems like it is a dream come true to be singing with Journey. He has got a great body and a super hot smile to match. Both bands did not disappoint. Well worth the money spent!!!

Fan Review - By Stack

The show was awesome!!! The run of hits they played back to back was amazing, how they just flowed from one to the next. 20th Century Boy was awesome live, as well as Rock On....Joe is just so amazing to watch!!! Phil & Viv's guitar "battle" was great!!! And Sav, OMG....his bass solo was to die close as we were to the speakers, I could just feel evey beat he played in my chest. It went by way too quickly; I couldn't believe they were done when the time came for the house lights to go on. They sounded positively wonderful!!!

We had 10th row on Phil's side....the closest I've ever been!!! It was at an ampitheeatre....and even though the forcast called for showers, it stayed pretty dry the entire least there was a nice breeze!! Anyway, being in the pavillion, who cared!!! This year and (even last year when we saw them in Eastlake), what caught my attention the most was Rick (Allen's) smile on his face the entire time, and when he was introduced by Joe, how almost humbled he seemed at the ovation he recieved. The guys always seem to be so gracious at the shows I've been to, extremely pleased with the crowd.

The combination of the boys and Journey was someone's brilliant brainchild, and they should be commended for that. They always just completely blow me away and this year wasn't any different....I am always on cloud 9 when I leave. I hope the guys know what a great fan base they have and what kind of effect they have on their fans, at least in my humble opinion. The true fans I think can feel a connection with them, and this year was no different!! Can't wait for next time....."And there will be a next time"!!!!!!