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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
 Tweeter Center At The Waterfront, Camden, NJ, USA  USA.

Friday, 23rd June 2006  | 

Show Notes

The first full show in this city since July 1996 on the Slang tour at the same venue. They did intend to play a show in Camden during the Rock Of Ages tour at Campbell's Field which was washed out before show time. They instead played a small private acoustic show after sound check.

A shorter 80min set with US single 'No Matter What' making a return. The new stage includes a big video screen behind them and amps at either end of the stage leading to a platform behind Rick's kit. Local fan John reports it was raining and lightning struck during 'Rocket' behind the stage. As in 2005 a private acoustic soundcheck gig was played. Songs included 'TSB', '20th Century Boy' and 'PSSOM'. See pic galleries for pics.