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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Janeen

Someone recently asked me just how many times I've seen Def Leppard in concert, and I honestly couldn't give an answer. My first live Lep experience was in 1988 - though I had been a fan since 1981, I was a very young fan and wasn't allowed to do the concert thing until I was much older. That January of 1988 will be forever burned into my mind - that was the first of many, many times that I would be seeing our Boys. Having said that, every single show I had seen, they just kept getting better. Here we are in 2006 - all of us being much older, and I still get excited when seeing a Lep concert. There's no way I could list the songs all in order, but some of the highlights for me at the Darien Lake show were LGR, Let It Go, Women, 20th Century Boy - which btw, KICKS ASS LIVE!!! Backup singers? Who the hell needs backup singers - our boys are ALL that song needed!! It was great start to finish - as usual.

I've been to five shows within the last year alone, and this was the best one yet! Joe Elliott is the most amazing singer/frontman that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing live. He's so energetic, and has such a powerful voice - nothing was stopping him from giving us his all - even the cold - and boy was it cold! Joe hit every single high note that was required of him. He didn't sound strained or tired at all. Sav, Phil and Viv were all over the stage - so many smiles and all the interaction with the crowd - it was just great! Of course keeping time for our very favorite fivesome was the forever smiling Rick Allen. I still get goosebumps when Joe introduces our thundergod - he truly is an amazing drummer, not to mention all around human being. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our Boys? THE BEST BAND EVER! My only complaint was that it went by so fast!

I actually loved Journey's set - and new frontman Jeff Scott Soto - hat's off to him - he did an awesome job! However, I wish that our boys would drop the coheadline thing and give us the 2+ hours we all crave. The hour and twenty minutes or so that we get, is just never enough - though truthfully, if they came out and did a four hour set - I would still leave wanting more! Can't wait to see and hear what the future holds for Def Leppard. I'm already in a state of Leppression because this was the last show for me until the new CD and tour - which is hopefully NOT so far in the future. Great show, great night, great band! Thank you, Def Leppard, for continuing to make us all smile - year after year.