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Monday, 20th June 2005

Madison, WI - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Vicki

All I can say is "WOW!" I haven't seen the guys since the Adrenalize tour but boy, can they still rock:) My only complaint was that I kept getting blinded by the huge floodlights so I couldn't see the stage at times (that, and the idiot who spilled a beer down my back halfway through the show, lol). But the sound was awesome. Lots of big bass (way to go, Sav!) and loud guitars. The making of a wonderful concert in my opinion. The old faves like "Rocket" and "Gods of War" were well received but fans were kind of turned off by the covers. The crowd was small - only a few thousand - which made me feel bad for the guys because they played a helluva show.

Tesla opened the show and did a good job of getting the audience warmed up but too many beers (consumed by others mind you, lol) and people who weren't true Lep fans put a damper on the show. I guess we Def Leppard fans are a dying breed in Wisconsin.

The band put on a great show last night and I hope they come back to Madison. Those of us who truly enjoy and value their work will appreciate it - even if we are few in number. Rock on and happy Lep dreams:).


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