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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Katie

The KC crowd was by far the best I've seen at any show. We were so loud and wild - just going crazy. The heat was almost unbearable, but it was worth it. We got there at 6:30 am to wait in line and therefore got our usual spots in the front row on Viv's side. Viv recognized us from the Iowa show 2 nights before, so we got lots of attention from him all night. Same set list of course- I think the crowd favorites were Foolin, Rock of Ages, and Pour Some Sugar on Me. My faves this time were Armaggedon It and Rock On- that song just kicks total ass! Was lucky enough to meet Viv again after the show, so I got his autograph on both of my tickets. Oh! almost forgot the best part! My friend Natalie was chosen to sing with Bryan Adams so she got to go up on stage! The whole show was just a once in a lifetime experience. I don't see life getting any better than that! :).

Fan Review - By Skyking/Brian

Well, I am still suffering from heat exhaustion from sitting in line since 1:30pm, but it was SO worth it. Both Bryan Adams and Def leppard rocked this crowd beyond their limits. I know it holds 10,000 people and with the crowd on the field and the crowd in their seats, they were there and beyond. Every seats was filled and the field was packed for 4 hours of great rock.

First time seeing Bryan and he did a GREAT job. MOST of the crowd knew the songs and sang along but it was clear they were there for the Leppard!! When "We will rock you" shook the field on the PA, everyone knew the fun was about to begin. I saw them head towards the stage and then the lights went down and the rock and roll began! Starting with Action and ending withthe encore of Heartbreak and Sugar, the guys did a GREAT job and gave the fans what they wanted. I have seen them many times and it NEVER gets old. WOuld have LOVED to see Gods of War and a lot of the older tunes but the show ROCKED!!

As I left, I stood outside and listened to the reaction..."Def Leppard rocked our asses off" and "WOW, what a GREAT show and I hope they come back soon" was the census of the fans. The heat, the heat exhaustion and all of it was SO worth it for an AWESOME night of rock and Roll. Thanks again...and as Joe said..."You don;t forget us and We won;t forget you" No worries there JOE!! No worries at all!.

Fan Review - By Onlygirl

The show ROCKED!! All the guys were great. I took my 10 year old daughter who thorouthly enjoyed herself. She sat on dad's shoulders for most of the show and sang to every song she knew. The version of Rock On was totally and completely awesome! It was so cool to see Joe standing up there in the shadows singing and then when the lights came on it was like...WOW, this is better than the original. Even though we were about 10 rows (of people) back, and it was very hot I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. The only thing is I wish Joe wouldn't have wore the black tee shirt and leather pants. Don't get me wrong, he looked great but damn! it was just too hot for leather. Cutoffs and a tank top would have worked. It was so great to see the guys having fun also. I loved watching Sav and Viv literally run back and forth across the stage. One time I thought for sure Viv was going to slid right off the side, but he stopped just in time. He and Phil were great with their solos, and Sav with lifting up his bangs.

I saw them 2 years ago in Wichita and there were only about 2,500 people here. I don't know how many people were at this show, but it was full, the field and the stands - people of all ages.

Fan Review - By Stefanie

The KC show was my 3rd Def Leppard show and was unbelievably fantastic! I saw them in Ft.Worth June 11th (closest gig to Houston) and just could not go on until I saw another one. I've been a fan for 4 years (thanks 2 VH1) and have been lucky enough to see 3 shows, only because I'm 16 and neither of my parents are/were Def Leppard fans. But they love me so much they'll do anything for me.

Anyways, I got 4th row center, which was not as good as 2nd row Viv's side in Ft.Worth (where I got some incredible pics w/my then brand new digital camera) but still really good. Bryan went first and I could not take my eyes off of him. He looks and sounds wonderful. I sang along to every song in the set. He is great, great, great! I first heard Summer of '69 when I was 12 and just fell in love. When he was choosing someone from the crowd to sing with him I was going as wild as I possibly could, and when he didn't pick me I said to my mom, "Okay he didn't choose me, where's the water?!-- I was so out of breath from jumping so hard. Now, I'm glad he didn't because he obviously wanted a local girl to sing and I lived 800 miles away in Houston! Who knows what could have been thrown at me on stage! I was fine and happily enjoyed him until about 8:45.

When Lepp's stage was getting set, I got out some paper from my pocket and asked my mom for the marker. I got down on the ground and wrote "I *heart* U ---" I was stuck, I didn't know whose name to put! I asked my mom "Who do I love?? I love them all so much!" I wanted to put Phil's name, then I wanted to write Joe's, then, Sav, I could not decide! Then I made my final in-marker decision. I wrote down "I *heart* U Vivian". There's a reason for that. He's not my favorite, but at my 1st DL show I kinda ignored him and I didn't really like him. Afterwards I felt bad. So I chose to give him a little more attention to make up for not wanting to look at him in 2003.

I was soo excited when 'We Will Rock You' began. I said to my! mom, "Here it is! Showtime!" The lights went out and I couldn't hold an ounce of excitement in, neither could anyone else! I went so crazy and wild when they came on stage! I saw Vivian and I said, Oh, he looks soo hot tonight! I threw my sign up in the air and was jumping so high you would have thought I had springs on my feet! I jumped until he looked to the center and OMG by the 1st chorus of "Action" I had gotten the biggest smile from him! I knew it was for me and no one else, it was obvious! It's impossible to ignore someone jumping up and down holding a sign with your name on it! I wanted more so continued to jump with my sign. Of course I had to wait until he looked to the center, then he smiled again, and I was soo euphoric! I remember one of the times I jumped w/the sign way up in the air and he flashed me the peace sign (with a smile!) and I went even more wild, if that was even possible! I don't remember what song that was during, but I do remember that it was when he still had his shirt on.

Everyone looked and sounded just incredible! I could see Sav's beautiful eyes so clearly from where I was. The whole band had a certain sparkle that night that I didn't see or hear in Ft.Worth, maybe it was because they were headlining this one and didn't at the other. Joe's voice sounded just too good, way too good! I thought they were great in Ft.Worth, but here it was even better. Phil's solos were hot, wild and as always, right on the money. Sav and Vivian were running around the stage and having blast! I thought, "They'd be running faster than that if I was chasing them!" I had a pink heart-shaped pillow that said "Love Ya" on it (which BTW got a lot of use during BA's set!) I held it up really high and I was close enough to where Joe tried to read it but it was too light, I saw him look at it and say, "What?" Here is when I had another adrenaline rush. he would've read it again but he had to start singing another line of the song. My mom saw that too and she was happy for me. My smile wasn't going to fade anytime soon. Joe couldn't see 'Love Ya' so I got down on the ground again, and wrote it on another paper and held it up w/ the pillow. Phil was walking across the stage, he read it and smiled! I looked around and no one else had a sign so I knew I stood out.

Every song played that night was just excellent. The whole band blew me away, they had me feeling exhilarated all night long. Just like I can't choose a favorite member, I can't choose a favorite song. Each one is my favorite and each one sounded awesome. I would have loved to hear some off of X or Slang, or OTTN, but I know this tour isn't for that, and it's alright w/me. I won't forget this show ever. I'm praying I meet them next time. I sure hope they come to Houston or at least within a 350 mile radius of it! If not, I might be able to work something out with my parents. Afterall, they did take me to Kansas, even though my dad still calls them "Def Tiger" and my mom still gets confused between 'Rock of Ages' and 'Photograph'. But she's getting there. She loves "Let's Get Rocked" and the new song "No Matter What". Maybe someday they'll love the band the way I do :) I have soo much more to say but I think I've taken up enough room. Bye!! :).