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Friday, 17th June 2005

Jacksonville, FL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By fauvel

My last show (so far). They played the same set list from the previous show (Kissimmee). Though they seemed to have some sound issues during Gods of War, but was soon gone after that. I think Vivian was feeling a little under the weather as he wasn't as animated as before.

The crowd...sucked! I was in 10th row this time on Viv's side and the people in front of me didn't deserve to be there. What a boring bunch. You could tell the difference big time over the other 2 nights I went. Seemed like a lot of people didn't know Gods of War. I don't get these "fans". Whatever. But I'm glad I got to see them 3 shows in a row. No other band I would ever do that for.

Fan Review - By Mitch

Great show!!! I took my 11 yr/old daughter and we had a blast. The crowd stood the entire concert. We met Rick Allen & Phil after the show. I talked to Phil about the Atlanta show and he agreed arena shows are much better than outdoor venues. Well worth the trip down from Atlanta.

Fan Review - By Kris

First off, the concert was AMAZING!!! The energy level of the band was phenomenal! If they weren't "into" it, it was sure hard to tell. But then, that's part of their job, right? I sat,... well, stood, in the 8th row from the stage. The crowd on my side (Phil's side) were all dancing, singing and screaming at the top of their lungs. My ears rang for nearly 24 hours after the concert! Complete strangers struck up conversations like long lost friends when the topic turned to Def Leppard. It was a good time to be had by all.

Montrose got a decent welcome, nothing over the top, but a warm reception. They had a couple of groovin' songs. I think tolerable is a good word to describe them. And that's saying A LOT when all I wanted to do was hear the guys.

Then the crew switched equipment. The atmosphere changed from exciting to edgy, nearly electrifying anticipation. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin! When the lights went down and the first chords of "Action" were struck, a DEF-ening roar flowed through the arena in waves (sorry, I couldn't resist). Then the lights came on and that's all it took. The crowd went wild! On MY end of the arena, that's how the rest of the concert went. NO ONE within earshot of me sat down or stopped screaming the enitre time! My only beef? I'm only 5'1" tall, in other words - SHORT! And no joke, everyone around me was at LEAST 6' tall, if not taller.

I couldn't see squat! I was on tip toes the entire time - either that or jumping up and down to be able to see in spurts. I could barely walk the next day!! But I'd do it all over again, in a heartbeat! At the end, after the encores, I got enough gumption to stand on my chair so I was head, shoulders and chest above the rest (about time!). I was able to at least wave goodnight and make eye contact with them.

Oh, and Jeff Vrable needs to *@&^*#%$! His "review" is just the ramblings of a bitter, jealous, cynical and spiteful boy. Yes, a majority of the songs played in concert were from the 80's. HELLOOOO, 25 year career ring a bell? It was a concert supporting "BEST OF", not an album of all new material!!! Now that I got that off of my chest....Amazing Night. Amazing Concert. Amazing Band. Thanx for reading my review. I apologize for any grammatical errors. LOL to you all and Cheers!.


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