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Saturday, 18th June 2005

Birmingham, AL - Media Reviews

Atmosphere the thing at City Stages By Matt Scalici

Though Saturday's crowd didn't grow as large as festival officials thought it would, you would have been hard pressed to cram any more people into the streets. The lion's share of attendance on Saturday can be attributed to '80s hair band Def Leppard, currently touring the nation to promote their upcoming album.

Def Leppard's fist-pumping set of "greatest hits" could have been the festival's highlight had it not been drawn out into a self-indulgent two-hour concert. Nearly half the crowd had already left by the time the band played its biggest hit, "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

On a brighter note, two local bands benefited greatly from the crowd assembled by Def Leppard compounded with the wise decision to place the Homegrown Stage right next to the Miller Light Stage.

Leaderdog cranked out a vicious set of metallic southern rock under the command of screeching vocalist and frontman Dave Bowman. The slightly more punk Lynam was the last act to perform before Def Leppard and in many ways outshone the headliner, at least in terms of energy

By The Crimson White Online 2005.

By Post Herald

They were coming from a giant wand wielded by Bruce Selkirk, who wasn't just your ordinary festival-goer. Selkirk was one of a crew of people with APT Visuals, a British company brought in by Def Leppard to run the video images that run behind the band on big screens during its performances.

By Post Herald 2005.

Don't wanna miss Def Leppard By Mary Colurso

Def Leppard fans weren’t leaving anything to chance before they went on stage Saturday night. By 5:30 p.m., fans - some sleeping and some with Def Leppard programs in their hands - were camped out in front of the Miller Lite Stage. All in advance of Def Leppard’s planned 10:15 p.m. set.

By Birmingham News 2005.


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