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Thursday, 5th June 2003

St. Charles, MO - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Curt Taft

So here I was, going to my 4th show on the X tour and 10th show overall, a milestone really. It had been about 2 and a half months since I had seen them last in Chicago, which was an extremely great show, so I had high expectations for this show as well. I was again hoping for 'Ring Of Fire,' 'Stagefright,' and 'Wasted.' Plus, 'You're So Beautiful,' my favorite song, had been unofficially dropped from the setlist, just popping up here and there. I had high hopes for 'Slang' as well. So I made some signs, one for 'You're So Beautiful,' one for 'Slang,' and one for 'Wasted.' I was in the third row straight across from Sav, so they would be easliy seen.

Ricky Warwick came out and played a great setlist which included one of this new songs that he had done in Chicago, called 'Can't Live With Maybe.' His full setlist included 'The Church Of Paranoia,' 'Can't Live With Maybe,' 'Nothing Is Real,' 'Mysterioso,' 'The Genuine Fool,' 'Three Sides To Every Story' with Vivian on guitar, and 'Ending Is Better.' I spent an extra $15 for his CD which was being sold with all the T-shirts and other merchandise, which when I got it, I was surprised to see that it was also autographed by Ricky himself. A nice little bonus.

So I put up with the longest song in the world (when it comes to Lep concerts), which was GNR's 'Coma.' I hate that song now. But eventually 'Disintegrate' came on and the lights went down. This time the curtain dropped in a similar way to the Hysteria tour, but there were roadies there to take it away, then the guys walked on stage. Phil started it all off with the classic 'Let It Go.' The guys showed tremendous energy during this song and that followed through the rest of the show. Next came my favorite live song, 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop),' then the always cool 'Make Love Like A Man.' The songs kept coming with 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak' and the awesome tribute to SMC, 'Switch 625.' 'Foolin'' rolled along and I was ready to hold up my sign but they started it too quickly. Then came 'Hysteria,' which always goes down well. So as it ended, I put up my 'You're So Beautiful' sign. Joe saw it and talked about how they had been doing it but weren't doing it that night, then Phil told him it was for him, so to play that little curveball off I pointed down at the woman in front of me. Joe said "oh, ok it's for her." Then he introduced 'Long Long Way To Go' and they did a great version of it. It was once again dedicated to the US and British troops. As that ended, my 'Slang' sign went in the air and then Joe introduced it. After he yelled 'Slang!' he pointed down at me and nodded his head.

Phil got his intro and they did a very well accepted version of 'Four Letter Word,' followed by 'Promises.' Joe talked for a bit afterwards and 'Two Steps Behind' followed. Joe started to introduce 'Now,' and mentioned the Union Jacks, so I put my Union Jack bandana in the air and Joe thanked me. That song is so cool live, it kicks ass every time. Then Phil started 'Women,' which has become one of my favorite, if not my favorite Hysteria song. Next came the extended 'Rocket,' which featured Joe singing a bit of 'My Generation' by the Who. It took me a couple seconds to figure out what it was. The string of hits continued with 'Photograph,' 'Animal,' 'Armageddon It,' 'Pour Some Sugar On Me,' and 'Rock Of Ages,' which was of course introduced by the Thundergod. The encore consisted of 'Love Bites' and 'Let's Get Rocked.' I had held up my 'Wasted' sign several times before the actual encore and it was seen, and after 'Let's Get Rocked' Phil looked at it and acted like he was playing the riff. He waved at me a couple times, which maybe he remembers me from Cedar Rapids? Who knows, but an awesome show as always!!!.

Fan Review - By DefLepLover

Malvin introduced Ricky Warwick, he was awesome and the number w/ Vivian was so cool! He definitely has a powerful voice! The anticipation for the Leps to come on stage afterwards was killing me cause I was so happy and excited to see them again!! Last show was in Kansas, Red, White and Boom.

Well the crowd went wild when they came on stage and this was one of the BEST Def Leppard shows I ever attended, Joe wore an Abercrombie t-shirt and jeans, at one point Viv and Phil both were shirtless, they are such awesome guitar players! Sav has a letter "P" tattoed on his right arm now, so cool!I love the intro to 'Hysteria' they play "live", it is one of my fave Lep songs. All of the guys looked like they were having a good time, full of energy and in top form!

I enjoyed hearing 'Slang' and 'Four Letter Word' "live". The Leps really sounded GREAT and looked GREAT!! They ROCKED the house and all of the songs sounded fantastic!I was exhausted from dancing so much in platform Leppard shoes,LOL!

The show lasted about 2 hrs, afterwards my son, friends and I went back to the buses to see if we could meet or see any of the guys and my dream finally came true!! First Vivian came out to meet/sign autographs, then Rick Allen, I took a pic w/him, he is so sweet and the BEST drummer in the world to me! Then Phil, who is so cool and nice, took pics w/him got his autograph. My son met Phil too and thought that was cool. He is 16 and thinks Def Lep rock!! It was a night I will never forget and plan to see them again ASAP. The X tour rocks.


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