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Sunday, 31st August 2003

Sault Ste. Marie, MI - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Jszatmari

Well, what can I say..... Def Leppard rocked the house again in Sault Ste. Marie. This was my 4th concert this tour. I have seen them twice in Detroit and once in Toronto and now up North. They sounded great last night! We had 17th row, which I was disappointed in esp. since I have been in 1st row twice and 2nd row once this tour. However I won the Bright Star and Raven Drum Foundation auction for meet and greet again. We did get to move to the front for most of the concert which was great. I got to see those wonderful sparkling eyes of Joe and that cute little dimple.

One disappointing part of the night was that they did not play Bringin on the Heartbreak, Two Steps Behind and Long Long Way to Go. I was really surprised, they have played those songs at every concert so far, but they must have their reasons.

After the show, we went backstage to meet with Rick Allen. He once again was an absolute sweetie and then we met Phil Collen. Once again no Joe. The DL experience as usual was the greatest. They will forever be the greatest band!!!!!!! Next.... Vegas!!.

Fan Review - By Debbie

The show was supposed to start at 7:00 pm, but it wasn't until about 7:35 when Ricky came out. As usual he put on a fantastic performance.

The Leps came out around 8:30, and totally rocked the crowd. Joe's voice sounded very raw, and tired. They cut several songs out of the set list, not sure if this was because of the late start or due to the fact that it was the last show. I asked at the ticket counter how many tickets had been sold, and was told around 5,000, and that was in the afternoon before the show. People were still buying tickets as we walked down to the show.

The concert was held in the back parking lot of the Kewadin. At the end the crowd kept shouting for more. We didn't get BOTH, Now, LLWTG, TSB, or Switch. After 6 shows I still have not heard Wasted. The guys did a great job, the music sounded the best, other than Joe's voice. I met a lot of people who came from all over, Canada, Michigan, Indiana, etc. We had so much fun.

Fan Review - By Chelle

This was my 5th "X" show. The weather was perfect and the show was great. The guys did a wonderful job and it was wonderful to see them in the Soo (even though it was at the opposite end of the state from where I live!). I really hope they do make it back up there--the fans flocked to see them and everyone was really into it. The light show was awesome--especially for outdoors.

I was disappointed that the setlist was cut short, but it didn't make the concert any less exciting. Many people said they thought it was cut short due to Joe's voice, but maybe it was because it was so near the residential area and it was getting late (I went back to my car to get my camera when Ricky Warwick was playing, and I could hear him clear as a bell 1/2 a mile away).

Note: The show was outdoors in the Kewadin parking lot (not the same venue as pictured after the 1st review). The Kewadin people said they have a couple of outdoor concerts each year--ones that they know will draw large crowds. The indoor DreamMakers theater holds only a couple thousand people--if that. Awesome show! I enjoyed the ride! I look forward to them making it back to the U.S.

Fan Review - By Xena527

Absolutely one of best shows I've ever been to!!! I had 12th row, center. All the guys in Def Leppard were working it, showing off some their best moves. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was as if they were all trying to out do each other because they all had such incredible energy. They were all over every side of the stage, even more so than the other shows I had attended on the tour. Phil ended up on the floor center stage, bent over backward on his back while playing at one point. Viv was all over the place, playing all sides of the stage and really getting into it.

Sav also made several trips over to the right side of the stage as well as the middle and the left side. He was all over the place too. He came over to the right side of the stage at one point and grabbed hold of the metal tower that held up the lighting setup and leaned out over the crowd a little bit. He was posing and shaking his stuff all over that stage. Rick was back behind the drums, grinning as usual while making the pavement under my feet vibrate w/the beat. Joe's voice was better than ever. He did part of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' at one point while I went insane in the crowd. I won't go into what he did w/the microphone stand during 'Let's Get Rocked' (it was naughty, LOL) and again, I went insane.LOL The man gives me Goosebumps!.

I have to give a salute and a standing ovation to the band's sound crew. They had the sound just perfect for this show. The sound waves were literally vibrating over my body. I could feel the vibrations in the pavement, and physically vibrating through my body in waves whenever the guys would start playing. At one point, Sav started playing his bass on the opening lines to a song and the sound wave made the hairs on my arms vibrate, that's how intense this show was. Yet, there was no distortion of any kind....everyone rang out crystal clear, Joe's vocals, Phil & Viv's guitars, Sav's bass, Rick's drums....each distinct and perfectly clear. This was one best sounding shows I've ever been to, ever. Hats off to the sound crew as well as Def Leppard. The whole show was total ecstasy.


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