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Friday, 26th September 2003

Ridgefield, WA, USA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Anon

Well. I'm starting to recover. What a NIGHT! We got to the parking lot 2 hours prior to the concert. Tailgated with friends. The buzz was on mind you. I was so excited all damn day I thought I was going to have a freaking CORONARY. The adrenaline was flowing. Got to our seats.. 7th row.. I squeezed up to the 3rd row aisle the minute the lights went down.. .. cuz I'm just that kind of woman :) Spent the entire concert SCREAMING every SINGLE song at the top of my lungs.. IT WAS one of the most amazing nights of my life.. Joe and the boys were all over the stage, and believe me.. anytime one came near me.. I was in a constant battle with security shoving me back to my seat.

When Rick Savage came to our side, that was the last straw. I jumped around like a wild woman.. he saw me.. I blew him kisses and he threw me his guitar pick which I caught with one hand thank you very much!! HE nodded and smiled.. and strummed one big lick on his guitar for me baby!

NEXT.. ! Phil Collen.. who was directly IN FRONT of me.. all night.. and who smiled as EVERY SINGLE SONG I had been singing along with all night.. went to throw me HIS.. as the 1st encore was over.. and some dickhead tried to cut in front of me.. knocked me on my ass. I went sliding down on my knees.. as the asshole tried to grab MY guitar pick.. I SLAMMED my shoulder in to his leg.. he was enough off balance that I could grab in front of him and snagged the guitar pick.. held it up for all to see.. and Phil laughed and laughed.. and smiled..and pointed at my bloody ass leg.

Our fists were pumping to the sky all night.. after the 3rd song the alcohol was sweated out of me.. and the adrenaline was pumping fast and furious. We danced in the aisles.. it was so much fun. Got home about 2am.. woke up with a mild headache.. but felt as if I had been run over by a truck. I am pretty sure I'd used muscles not used since I bought my first Def Leppard Cd in 1985. I got off the couch at 7 am yesterday and had to sit thru 2 soccer games, and pictures.. in 90 degree weather.. someone please fricking shoot me.. and send me BACK to the concert.. cuZ reality SUCKS!! Got home.. went straight to bed.. got up about 8 pm.. drank 2 gallons of water.. and layed on the couch watching tv. Spent most of the day today laying on the couch reading an entire book.

Finally found the energy to sit up straight.. well.. kind of straight.. to be able to type for a short time and it's painful, way painful. My left side is black and blue if I didn't know better I'd almost say I cracked a rib or two.. and my leg hasn't looked like this since Jimmy Webb knocked me off my bike in 3rd grade.. the whole knee.. and down the front of my leg. I'd do it all over again tomorrow.. it was beyond belief how WONDERFUL they sounded.. the music was LOUD but crystal clear, their voices melded together perfectly the harmonies to die for. They may be 40 but they rocked like teenagers, as a matter of fact.. so did I:) ouch. I sure did.

Fan Review - By KJ

I went to the Seattle show on 9/25 and at the last minute I got tickets for Ridgefield the next night. A friend who works for a radio station got me a "Meet and Greet" pass for the Ridgefield show. I met Phil and Rick Allen and I'm happy to report they were noth very pleasant and enthusiastic! I got autographs and photos with them and will now create my Def Leppard collage.

In no particular order the set lists was as follows: (see above). In Ridgefield they also played Piece of the Action, but I'm not sure if that was an addition or a substitution.

Joe sounded great...I don't know how he can do two nights in a row, let alone three!! He seems to favor his left side and work that side of the stage more. The people I went with were not huge Leppard fans before the concerts, but they were very impressed with Joe's presence and sense of humor. I can't wait for the next CD and tour.


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