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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By vze54

The boys out did themselves again. It started for me with a meet and greet session wow what an experience long sound check as well. Added Let's Get Rocked and Women to sound check.ricky was good got the crowd into it and actually won over few new fans from their reaction when he played.

The big boys now. Well the set list was the high n dry set and from start to finish they rocked rhode island all night. When they hit the stage all on hand stood for the entire show clapping singing appreciating them. Even when they pulled out high 'n' dry (saturday night) fans responded.the new stuff received positive feedback from the crowd and the classics well enough said classic responses were given.think all fans and it was diverse crowd heard enough to satisfy them from old to new to classics another classy performance from the group that triumphs on!!joe even took time remeber west warwick fire victims in station fire thanking them for the support victims gave the band and band gave them!!!!!.

Fan Review - By Mike

Wow!!! What an unbelievable show. These guys can definately still rock! It started off with side A of Hign 'N' Dry, what a treat to hear those songs played live!! The crowd of about 5,000 was a little mellow at first, but they certainly made up for it later on! All 3 songs from 'X' were well received, 'Four Letter Word' got the best response thanks to WHJY 94.1 FM giving that song airplay earlier this year. Watching Phil and Vivian on their duling solos during 'Rocket' was very impressive, and the crowd went nuts went Rick Allen was 'introduced' during the show.

The setlist was the same as other shows that has the Hign "N" Dry start. Joe even mentioned between the two encore songs that survivors of the fire at "The Station" nightclub were guests at the show and how the band felt awkward about the lyrics in 'Rock of Ages'. He asked them about playing the song and he said their response was they could play it only if they played it loud - and did they ever! The show was the first full show in southern New England in 3 years and was worth every penny and every day waiting - looking forward to the Boston show on Tuesday. Providence will never forget you, so don't foget us!!.

Fan Review - By Sari

Another amazing Leppard performance unfolded last night at the Dunkin Donuts Center! This was my 17th Leppard show but it never gets boring! After a delayed start I made it just in time- unfortunately I missed Ricky Warwick's set but was able to get to my seat as Leppard's intro tape was being played. The lights being used on this tour are brilliant- the bright green against the shiny silver in Rick's kit and the big white "X" backdrop looked fabulous! The guys are looked great too. Tonight was the "High 'n' Dry set" luckily. At the end of the High 'n' Dry portion Joe commented that "That was the A side of the High 'n' Dry album- as we used to call it!" A few people commented how it was Saturday Night so of course they played "High 'n' Dry!"

The new material was great- "Now" and "Four Letter Word" went down well. "Long Long Way To Go" was kind of lost on the crowd although there was a lot of cheering when Joe dedicated the song to the troops in Iraq. He also mentioned through out the night that they had first played Providence in 1981 and they were glad to be there over 20 years later. And the fact they didn't look old enough to have been there 20 years ago! LOL!

"Slang" went down fairly well but the crowd looked lost during "Promises". Joe commented "See we are doing a little of EVERYTHING tonight!" They did a snippet of "Radar Love" during the extended version of "Rocket" which went over well, and of course played all the hits, "Rock of Ages" being last before the encore.

When Leppard returned to the stage for the encore Joe mentioned the Station nightclub fire that had claimed so many lives in RI last year and said " we have some very special people here tonight- survivors of the Station nightclub fire". He told the crowd he had felt uncomfortable singing "Rock of Ages" in RI because of the line "We're going to burn this place down, down to the ground" He said he was told they could sing the song as long as they sang it LOUD which prompted a HUGE almost deafening cheer from the crowd.

The encore was great- "Love Bites" was wonderful as always and "Let's Get Rocked" left everyone on a high note. As they went off, Vivian wandered the stage with a Happy Birthday balloon that had been floating near the front- Joe actually head butted the balloon during one song. Never disappointing it was another great Leppard show!.