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Tuesday, 21st October 2003

Nottingham, England - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Julie

Just got to say this is the best I've seen Def Leppard, saw them in Feb.

From the first song 'Action' they were brilliant there was also a great crowd who all stood up and got into it. And Joe made a comment about Sheffield United beating Nottingham Forest last season.

Also said that the Nottingham crowd was louder than Bradford. They did 'Love Bites' which has not been done for a long time. So anyone who's going to see them in the next week just got to say they get better ever time.

But the highlight for me was earlier in the day when I was down notts town center shopping and went in Starbucks coffee shop and saw Vivian. I went and said hello, and then I was 4 rows from the front tonight. He waved to me so that made my day till next time.

Fan Review - By Andylgr

It was another great performance by the band and another venue with great sound. Again I really really enjoyed it, but I was very disappointed in the set list. Admittedly Women worked better early in the set to get the crowd going, but only 19 songs, with virtually the same set list as Bradford.

Again only 1 song from X, in fact only 3 songs to represent the last 3 studio albums. As much as I like it 7 Hysteria songs in a 19 song set list is a bit too much. It doesn't look as if we are going to get the variation that other shows on the tour have had.

Fan Review - By Jo

It's the first time I'd seen the boys since 1992 (!) so I was really looking forward to it. I actually enjoyed the set, but I guess that would be because I've not seen them on tour for such a long time - although I did think they rushed thru the first thirty minutes, maybe a bit more chat would have been nice to spread the set out a little. However, I thought they sounded great and all looked fit and well and like they were really enjoying the gig. I think some parts of the crowd took a little warming up, but when everyone got into the spirit it was fantastic, and loud!

I really loved hearing everyone singing along to 'Hysteria' and 'Two Steps Behind' - which I really enjoyed, it was nice to see Joe playing a guitar! Seeing them in a smaller venue was excellent, you got to see them really close up and everyone had a great view. I really loved Joe's banter with the crowd - being a fellow Yorkshire person I always love listening to him speak, it's great that he's still got such a strong accent after all these years of touring and living outside his home town. All in all, a superb evening from a great British rock band who I hope will keep rockin' for a lot longer yet.

Fan Review - By Lisa

I got there at about 3.45pm and was lucky enough to meet Phil and got his autograph before the sound check, which unfortunately we couldn't hear outside.

The Main event - Malvin came out to have a chat to us. He said how nice it was to be back in Nottingham, an up and coming place with lots going on. His advice was not to let the place be taken over by yuppies with their wine bars. He introduced Ricky Warwick.

Ricky Warwick did a great acoustic set. He mentioned that 'Joe played bass on the new album, it's a good job he's such a good singer' and that Joe also produced it. The highlight for me was in the middle of his slot when Viv came on stage with him to do a number called 'Three Sides to Every Story' in which he played electric guitar and sang backing vocals. He introduced Must at the end of his set.

MusT gave a polished, solid performance. My only criticism is that at times the lead guitar was a little loud and you couldn't hear the singer. They had good stage presence and I enjoyed their set.

The venue was small enough to see all of the band's facial expressions, which in my opinion made the gig feel more intimate. You were allowed to take cameras in too (had I known I would have).

I was standing near the back in the stalls and when 'Disintegrate' started the crowd seemed to wake up all cheering and most standing. They went straight into 'Action' with Joe encouraging fans in the tiers to stand up. Phil had his shirt off by the end of 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)' which I know pleased a lot of people. 'Make Love Like A Man' followed with Phil jokingly almost kissing Joe on the cheek at the end of his verse. The crowd came in early with the last line at the end of the song and Joe told everyone to wait for it. Then came 'Foolin', 'Women', 'Hysteria', 'When Love & Hate Collide' and 'Slang'.

Joe introduced Phil 'the honorary Yorkshire' man who lead us into 'Promises'. Next Joe was handed an acoustic guitar and talked a bit about football. He said that we had a chance to be members of the band for the next four minutes and sing the chorus to the next song, introducing 'Two Steps Behind' followed by Now during this he threw guitar picks to the crowd. Joe was guitar less again and they went into 'Rocket'. Joe introduced Viv who started 'Armageddon It' followed by 'Photograph', 'Animal' and 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'. Joe took a while to introduce Rick in between cheer and applause from the crowd. 'Rock Of Ages'. Sav threw a handful of picks into the crowd. The encore consisted of 'Love Bites' and 'Let's Get Rocked'.


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