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Tuesday, 10th June 2003

Lexington, KY - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Donna

What a show last night! Joe was incredible and looked great in the sleeveless top and jeans. Phil had his shirt off early and later Vivian took his shirt off too. They played 'Switch 625', which was impressive because I've not heard it played live before. 'Slang' was a hit too and I'm glad they played it at this concert. Only two songs from X were played, 'LLWTG' (which was dedicated to all the soldiers in Iraq) and 'Now'. When Phil sang his part on 'MLLAM', he couldn't finish the last two words because he just started laughing and cracking up. It was great to see them having so much fun. Joe's voice was a bit hoarse and he didn't hit the high notes, but he sounded great otherwise.

It was real cool to see Rick Allen's father be introduced. The audience applauded loudly. The audience was ok in the 1st part of the show, though I was jumping up and down the whole 2 hours, however they really got pumped when 'Photograph' was played and they stayed pumped for the rest of the show. Vivian was all over the stage and it looked like all the guys just had a great time. It was a wonderful show and I look forward to seeing them again soon.

Fan Review - By Rick

Once again Def Leppard puts on a first class rock concert. They played the High 'N' Dry Setlist including 'Slang' for a total of 24 songs (as the set list indicates). The crowd was energetic and involved during each song.

'Rocket (extended)' was exceptionally awesome especially with the addition of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love'. It probably moved into my top 10 all time best live songs (which already included 'Pour Some Sugar On Me').

Concerning the review published in the Lexington Herald Leader (see below), Walter Tunis' states the following, "With all the hits being tossed around, the recent album was visited only twice: on a power ballad called 'Long Long Way To Go' and a slice of alternative pop-favored guitar rock titled 'Now'.' Either Mr. Tunis can't count, went out for another beer, or wasn't aware the 'Four Letter Word' (and excellent Pop/Rock Song) is also on the new album. Of course, these are just the humble opinions of one Def Leppard fan.

Fan Review - By Jeannine (DefChef)

Hello folks...I seem to have finally recovered..except for my voice...which is still trashed. I dont know how they do it! I have taken voice lessons on and off for fun over the last few years, and my voice coach always gets pissed at me when I go to a show. "Jeannine, try to SING the songs, don't scream them". LOL! Ah well...it will come back...

I flew in for the show from Manchester, NH. It was an early morning flight, 6AM, UGH, which had me up at 4 am. The flight was uneventful and pretty short and I arrived in Lexington at 10:30 am. I went to get my rental car, which was supposed to be a little compact cheap something, but ended up with a 2003 Dodge Dakota pickup, cherry red with a CD player for the same price. I pull into the Hyatt parking lot and there are the tour buses. DUmb luck, they are staying here...COOL!

I get to the hotel and meet Kathy, Bob and Connie, (Internet friends). I have met so many people over the years via the Internet, its so much fun to meet folks that share your same obsession! They dont think twice about hanging out all day listening to Lep. Which is what we did at the Hyatt, Z-103 from Lexington had a party all day in the Lobby bar. Leppard's were spotted in and out of the Lobby all day, and Ricky Warwick came down to sign autographs. What a way to spend the day!

The station was giving away soundcheck passes and tickets to see the show while sitting on stage. We all hoped but none of us won. Oh well, we are in the fifth row! Who cares? The people at the Hyatt were great, the bar manager bought us drinks and the radio DJs all wanted copies of my Lep rare stuff and b sides, which I am taking care of for them. We spot all the Leps and Malvin heading towards soundcheck..Joe's in a sling. I am sure that arm is still tender, I had the same injury last year. No surgery but 9 weeks of therapy. Keep it wrapped up when you can Joe!

We go up to change and grab some dinner, and head for the show. We get into our seats just as Malvin comes onstage to introduce Ricky. This is the third time for me to see Ricky Warwick, and now I have his CD, which is for sale at the shows, and autographed. (If you have not gotten this CD, get it. His solo set is great, but the songs really come to life on the CD with more instruments and vocals. Joe is credited doing pretty much every thing he can, from backing vocals to drums to bass, so check it out! I am going to get a copy of this off to the local station..its a fab CD!)

'We Will Rock you' comes on and the crowd goes nuts. Someone starts bouncing beach balls around as well as a three foot inflatble pink penis that has smiley face on it. Too funny! More on this later! 'Disintegrate' starts and the boys hit the stage....they all look great! Launching into the whole first side of High 'N' Dry as usual..took them a few songs to really get into it. A few minor problems with sound but nothing major. The crowd is slowly getting geared up. 'Foolin'' starts and the crowd goes wild and oversings the band. During 'MLLAM', Joe says something to Phil while he is trying to sing his solo part and Phil can't finish. He cracks up laughing, tries to sing his back up part, and still can't sing because he is laughing to hard. Wonder what Joe said to him? I had a Blades shirt which I held up for a bit, Joe saw it and said NICE SHIRT a few times. Yeah, Joe, thats why I brought it!

The crowd again oversings the band during 'LLWTG', and why is this not released as a single? I have no idea. The crowds seem to love it. Before 'TSB' is played, the pink penis shows up again. Joe announces that he has seen much bigger backstage from the band and that they are all real. The crowd cheers! We are told we are louder singing than the previous nights crowd. They play 'SLANG'. woo hoo! I didn't hear this in Cleveland or NYC. One of my faves live!

The Hysteria set starts and the show is in full gear. The energy is incredible in the house, the crowd loud and all standing now. Joe and friends really worked the crowd and are having a good time doing it. The bass starts for 'ROCKET', it is driving and intense and gets right into your core. This was one of the best versions of ROCKET I have seen in ten years. Joe launched into 'Whole Lotta Love' in the middle of it, and Phil's solo was electrifying. All the HYSTERIA songs were a bit lengthened with solos and such. It was totally amazing! The energy from the stage was mesmerizing. Rick has his dad come up onstage right before 'ROA', he gets a huge round of applause. The crowd is in a full rock and roll frenzy by this time. The roar is deafening. ROCK ON!

They wrapped up with their standard encores, 'Love Bites' and 'Let's Get Rocked'. The crowd did go bonkers for 'LGR'. We were hoping for WASTED!

It's over all too soon, I'm beat! All I want is a drink! Met some more folks outside, one couple was following the busses all over the south from West Virginia. The guy had his collection in his trunk and was on a mission to get it all signed. He had some rare stuff too. We swapped collection stories and emails, he makes magnetic stickys for cars and such. Had some cool Lep ones.

We head to the bar after the show and see a few more Leps come through the Lobby as well as Ricky Warwick. I head upstairs...I'm beat! I turn the corner to my room and see Viv walking down the hall into a room. WOW! I'm on the Lep floor! What luck is this! I trot down to the ice machine 15 minutes later and run into him again, he says, we have to stop meeting like this, people will start to talk, and laughs. I laughed..and about died. LOL!

About a half hour later I hear noise outside my door, it's 1:30 am, and there are some folks I met earlier in the hall. I start chatting with them again and here comes Phil, from Viv's room on the way to his. He stops and talks for a minute, then he is off! Another Lep moment.

I opened the door to go to breakfast and see Joe in the hall, someone has plastered the front page of the paper with him on it on the wall. The review of the show in the local paper is stellar and he is pleased! We chat for a minute, I have to go sit down in my room before continuing on to breakfast. I am DEFinately feeling the benefits of being a 20 plus year fan here in Lexington. He signed my Blades shirt and said thanks for giving him something to rub in Sav's face for the next few days. Sorry Sav, but I have a Wednesday shirt all ready for NH!

I didn't want to leave, but I had too! Thanks to Ken at the Hyatt for taking such good care of us, all the DJS and staff from Z-103 in Lexington, Chris at Enterprise Rentals, and Kathy, Bob and Connie for hanging out with me all day! Again for all the online folks I met, you rock, email me! and most of all, thanks to DEF LEPPARD and MALVIN, for again showing us what matters most...THE MUSIC!.


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