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Wednesday, 30th July 2003

Huntington, WV - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By beaglegirl

What an amazing show! The guys are so full of energy, and it filters down to us in the audience. They looked and sounded great! The audience was small, but loud. Huntington let Def Leppard know they loved them.

During the 2nd song (I think) the security guys in the front all took off their t-shirts, and all had Union Jack shirts on underneath! We loved it! Joe even mentioned them when he was introducing Now. I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said, so I will quote Sav from last night-" f**king brilliant!".

Fan Review - By Immortal

Tonight, I had the pleasure of seeing Def Leppard for the third time (Adrenalize 92 and Euphoria 00) and I must say that this was by far the best yet! I've converted my sister into a Lep fan and this was her very first concert...and what a way to break her in! We both had a blast from the minute we walked into the arena until the last note of 'Let's Get Rocked' echoed around us.

I'd missed the curtain on the Euphoria tour and was glad to see it's return...what delicious slice of suspense! The crowd mostly consisted of thirty-somethings like myself that were weaned on 80's arena rock and in the end, we got exactly what we paid for...prancing rock stars, screaming guitars and a blinding assault of lights.

The boys were in top form, playing all the oldies that us die-hards love and bits from the newer albums as well. 'Now' seemed to go down pretty well, though it wasn't as well known as the Hysteria stuff. I loved the 'Rocket/Radar Love' medley though I'd seen similar on the Visualize DVD, nothing can compare to seeing it live!

Phil and Viv's shirts disappeared before I realized it and Joe's usual banter with the crowd, as well as Sav's famous pose had the female fans screaming. I think Vivian and Phil covered every square inch of the stage during the night, making it nearly impossible to catch them all in one frame of my camera, though I did try! Anyone who hasn't had the chance to see them on this tour, you must. I'd have to say, it's their best yet!

Of the three shows, I have to say this is the loudest as well. Twice I saw Sav and Joe's eyebrows raise in response to our noise and in the end, we got a nice treat. Sav thanked us for having them and said we were "f**king brilliant!"

So, with that short summary, I go to bed with ringing ears, no voice and a sore arm (from all the fist pumping) and hope they swing around this way again before the tour ends.


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