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Saturday, 31st May 2003

Houston, TX - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Carolyn M

Def Leppard proved to everyone in Houston, TX just why they are still rocking after 20-something years as they put on the most awesome,pumped up shows I have ever seen them play. The guys threw in a little something from every era in Leppard history, and are still going strong on stage. Age has definitely been good to these guys.

During "Women" the heat finally started getting to the equipment and there were a few small glitches, but they took it all in stride and kept on going. As Joe put it, "It's f----- hot up here, about 110 degress on the stage." Instead of appearing completely pissed, he gave the road crew a pat on the back for hanging in there and keeping the fans going and everything else to "keep the stuff from blowing up."

I was personally surprised to hear "Slang" played along with favorites like "Photograph","Hysteria", "Rock Rock till you Drop,"...well, the majority of Vault. From X we heard "Long Long Way to Go," "Four Letter Word," and "Now." Even though I personally love "X", I was surprised at how well those three songs sounded live and fit into the whole set. It was like these three songs had always been part of the show. My personal favorite of the whole night was Joe and the acoustics of "Two Steps Behind" since this is the song my brother surprised me by playing at my wedding.

I don't think Def Leppard has anything to worry about as far as future fans. The youngest fan I saw dancing to the music was about 6 years old, the oldest fan well into their 60's, and every age in between. (My own 4-year-old is still mad he didn't get to go.) The rumors I heard were that more than 16,000 tickets were sold and since the venue only seats a little over 16,500, you might as well say it was sold out. One of the employees did tell me that this was the largest (and best) crowd he had seen in about the 10 years he's worked there.

A friend and her 16-year-old daughter went with me tonight for their first Lep show, and I think the daughter summed it the best, "That was the most awesome, surreal experience I think I've ever had. They rock!" And, of course, they do. No matter what you have to do to see them this tour, do it. It is more than worth it. The only thing wrong is that even with 2 solid hours of the greatest band in the world, it's still not enough.

Fan Review - By Traci

This was my second concert on the Texas trip, and it was so worth the heat. Record highs for heat were set, and the band showed it. They were sweating by the second song, as was much of the crowd. The concert was totally energetic, and the guys looked great! Joe did not wear the sling, but he did work the arm a lot. My seats were row 13 on Phil's side, and the venue had these huge screens set up on both sides of the stage. So when the heads and hands got in the way, I could see the screens, and it was great! The only problems were that Joe's mike cut out during two songs, I think they were "Rocket" and "Animal", I cant really remember! But it didn't faze the crowd, as we kept singing along, and the problems were fixed quickly.

Joe made the crowd do the Are you louder than Corpus, San Antonio, Dallas, Laredo bit, and me, being at the Dallas show, thought Houston was way louder! The songs were great, and the band was so energetic, even in 98+ degree heat. One of my favorite parts was when the band played "Slang." The crowd gave a really good reaction, and sang along the whole way. "Long Long Way To Go" was dedicated to the fighting troops of the US and England, and it was done beautifully. When the "Rock of Ages" was over, thousands of fans began beating on their seats, and the noise was DEFening!!!! But it wasn't in vain, as the guys came out to perform "Love Bites" and "Lets Get Rocked!" All in all, the show rocked, and the crowd was amazing in the reception they gave Def Leppard. I really look forward to seeing them again real soon!!!!!! Thanks for reading my review!!!!!.

Fan Review - By Billie

Well the other two pretty much summed everything up well. I was sitting right behind Traci and I mean right behind her. We had such a blast at the concert. I don't think anyone sat the enter concert and yes it was HOT!! I was sweating as much as the guys were. I'm still not sure who was working hard the fans or the band members. LOL

Anyway it was the last show of 3 in a row I saw them and I wish had closer seats then what I had but I'll take what I can get. Houston is such a concert city it's hard to move forward into empty seats, well cuz there just aren't any. I think the concert was excellent though and being on my home turf to was exciting cuz it was the biggest attendance yet. Which made me happy. Well till next time.


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