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Thursday, 2nd October 2003

Concord, CA, USA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - Paul

Another show, another GREAT performance. My seats were in Section 102 about 20 feet from the stage.

Ricky Warwick took to the stage at approximately 8pm playing numerous tunes from his current album. Half way through the set Rick Allen came on stage, dressed in a pink shirt, Miss America crown, handing Ricky a cup of water. Viv came out and played along during "Three Sides".

After all that was over we waited patiently for the BIG band to take stage. The show started with Disintegrate and people immediately rose to their feet. The band came out and started off with "Let It Go". They looked and sounded fantastic!! The boys continued to hammer out tune after tune, running all over the stage and putting on quite a show. Joe started getting the crowd fired up prior to "Two Steps Behind" asking us to be louder than the folks in Spokane the previous night. It was great to hear and sing along to that one word for word. I noticed "Long Long Way To Go" was dropped from this show but they did play "Slang" instead.

The second half of the show was classic with the band playing most of the hits from the Hysteria album. Joe got the crowd involved during "Women" asking to "see those California hands waaaaaay up in the air!!." Viv was introduced before "Armageddon It" as the "man who put fast in Belfast." Joe of course acknowledged Rick prior to "Rock of Ages" stating how long the band has been playing and how much longer they plan on being around. They did their rounds and came back on stage to play the encore. At this point the crown was really fired up and extremely loud. The show ended with the band making their rounds and promising that "there will be a next time!!!" Def Leppard put on a great show as usual, can't wait to see them on the next tour.

Fan Review - By Alexandra

This venue seemed better for Ricky Warwick. The fans were more receptive than they were at the last show I attended in San Francisco. (No one threw pennies at him) Vivian came on stage to support his fellow Irishman during one of his songs. This kept the performance fresh. Rick Allen also made an appearance during his performance, wearing a feather boa. They're doing all they can to support a friend. Ricky's on-stage apparel made him resemble a gas station attendant. I don't think it was to his benefit that he asked the crowd to purchase his CD so he could get drunk. His talent doesn't lie in motivation, but all in all, Ricky performed well.

When Def Leppard hit the stage it was with the energy and excitement they're so well known for. The lighting was fantastic throughout the show, as was the sound. The large screens were great for those not fortunate enough to be close to the stage, high-lighting each individual member and giving a view of Rick Allen that is usually hard to obtain.

The setlist included songs from various eras, such as "Slang", which was a pleasant surprise, and a couple from the current release "X", with plenty of favorites to go around, such as Bringin' On The Heartbreak and Switch 625. There wasn't a time in the show where it seemed to drag. The crowd was on their feet all night. The "solos" were short and sweet. I couldn't help feeling they were well on their way to major popularity once again. It was sheer perfection from a band who settles for nothing less. They were TREMENDOUS.

Rick Savage flashed his million dollar smile and rocked our souls with his heart-pumping rhythms. He seemed reserved through most of the show and I don't think he was ever introduced by Joe. Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen wowed us and wooed us with their un-marred by ink, chiseled physiques and their chiseled guitar riffs. Everyone's favorite drummer, the incredible and inspirational Rick Allen, seemed to enjoy the spotlight, taking his time with the intro to "Rock Of Ages".

Joe Elliott worked his way into our hearts by his repeated use of the word "Concord". He knows how to motivate a crowd and make them roar! He commanded awe and respect with his short rendition of "Whole Lotta Love" during Rocket. Could anyone do justice to the great Robert Plant as well as Joe El


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