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day, 15th April 2003

Baltimore, MD - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By JJ100

The show last night was really good. The band was tight and the sound was great from my seat. During 'Love Bites' a fan, and a big guy at that, jumped over the barrier and guards and got on stage, but not without knocking a few things over. Joe was great and never missed a beat. When the fan walked over to him, Joe sort of gave him the mic as if to say "you want to sing this with me?". It was a great night and Ricky Warwick as an opener was really good, too.

Fan Review - By B. Gayhard

WOW!!!!...The guys came with all kind of energy that lasted all night. Having not played in Baltimore for 23 years, the crowd, hopefully, showed they are wanted back, and soon! The High N' Dry cuts really got things rolling and the band never did slow down. Kept saying to my wife, (starting with about the 7th song), that their energy was very strong and they would probably be slowing it down soon,...but they never did. 'Rocket' was awesome!!!! Totally blown away! Come back soon boys, or we'll search you out!.

Fan Review - By twice-baked

Great show! I have seen Def Leppard 12 times in the past 15 years and this is the best show I have ever seen yet. It was a very good turn out. (Yes they did play there in 1993 that was a good show as well, they did covers of Nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit, ACDC Back in Black with audience participation and Metalica's Enter Sandman. as a goof).

The High and Dry opener was very good, and Make Love Like a Man was a big surprise. Although no songs from Slang were played the show I felt was a major success. There were a few mistakes heard at the beginning of LLWTG. As for the guy that jumped on the stage, He stayed later on and waited for the group to come out with about 20 of us. He was so rude to Rick, Phil and Malvin. Phil and Rick signed everyone's collectables and Malvin and I chatted it up. I asked Phil where Joe and Viv were and he said that Joe and Viv both had a colds and Joe's shoulder was bothering him still. Phil put on his happiest face when a bum approached him and asked him for money and kept bothering him. He said he was hungry looking for some cash to get something to eat, as he had approached me earlier, Phil told him he would get him some fruit. Then put on a happy face to sign stuff.

Then the bum came back, and I thought Phil was going to put some Bruce Lee moves on him. But the bum left. As the tour buses left the lot the guy that jumped on stage earlier in the night followed the buses down the street hoping to get autographs from the rest of the band and the bus nearly ran him over (moron).

Fan Review - By Dav620

This only having been the third time I have had the pleasure of seeing Def Leppard live, each and every time was amazing. I having had the pleasure of becoming hooked on Def Leppard some 22 yrs. earlier when my older brother got the High and Dry album for Christmas, well need I say more! I was beyond hooked I can honestly say without a doubt that any one who knows me could answer one question without hesitation, without thought, without a doubt, Def Leppard was, is, and forever will be the greatest band ever!

With that said the show was amazing! I last saw them in Baltimore in 1993, and prior to that in Frankfurt Germany in 1988 when I was in The US Army. I told my 11 yr. old son over and over about those concerts, and this time around took him with me. He was wide eyed and amazed, I believe he now understands the excitement of a Def Leppard concert, and I can quite honestly say he is a CONVERT...and he shared the same enthusiasm as I when describing the concert to others. They were incredible. I was blown away when they do the complete A side to the High n Dry album. It was non stop energy, they just rocked straight on thru but still mixed in some slower stuff. It was awesome, and even more so when I looked at my son and thought I was just a couple years older then he when I first got into Def Leppard, and now here I am with my son rocking through this amazing set, absolutely awesome. They have been, the are, and they will always be the greatest rock band EVER!!!.

Fan Review - By Patty

The concert at Batimore was the first time I had seen the boys. They were totally amazing!! They had a lot of energy and sounded great!! The audience was very much into it all through the show! I've never been to a show with that much energy. The lights they had on stage were great too! It was just a wonderful concert, and I think they realized they are STILL great after all these years!!.


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