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Wednesday, 27th November 2002

Tokyo, Japan - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Keiko

During my working, I could stop to think tonight was the last one.

Anyway, I wanted to buy a good ticket closer, to the stage, even I would be a bad person. As you may know, this time in Tokyo they had their concerts such a small place. So nobody wanted to sell/have the extra tickets and couldn't afford the tickets the illegally people selling. I've asked them since they'd got the first row and they'd tried to sell it over 300,000yen, 1500 pounds....I couldn't afford it!! If I could, I would have bought the airplane ticket to UK on Feb... My friend had offered me to change his ticket and my ticket so I could avoid to have my seat very far from the stage, anyway...(Thank you so much!, Tanabe san!!)

Tonight, the set list was basically Pyromania version...as you may know I couldn't remember the order. And Joe still seemed he had some problems with his monitor(?).

Joe didn't say the joke before 'Rock of ages' as usual. Sorry, I can't remember now...as you imagine I'm bit drunken now, 'cos the last night in Japan for Lepps...How can I spend the time with the feeling of loosing DEF LEPPARD!!?!!?! (Joe, if you read this, please come back to Japan before the end of 'X' tour as you've said at the concert!!).

But!! I couldn't forget that Joe had introduced all(?) the staffs of this tour in Japan. As you must know, he'd introduced us Kenji, Malvin (sorry to asking you to take a photo), Ronan (thank you for everything since Cybernauts, and sorry for always asking you to pass the photos to Joe, and Malvin!!), Mr. Udo who is the president of the promoter in Japan, the record company, Mika who is from the record company and a translator as well, and he said 'thank you' for our support!! Unbelievable!!

And also at the encore, they've played WLAHC as usual, and Joe had started to introduce of their staffs as above...then we thought they would play 'Wasted' as Joe said on Monday night they would play it ...(didn't I write before? sorry, I'd forgot to write!. If I did, sorry I've forgot what I wrote!) However, the intro of 'Let's Get Rocked' had started, most of all the people there might think that it must have been the last song... But after that, still there were all the members with their guitars/bass guitar on the stage ... ?? , then 'wasted' had started... Can you imagine? How crazy we were!!! I was completely back to 'a headbanger'...(so my neck hurts right now).

Anyway, this is my final report of their tour in Japan...I hope to hear from the fans in US who will see their gigs in Dec! But! I'll try to let you know about their 'X' tour in Japan as much as I can, even my english is not so good. Thank you for reading my poor english and foolish-drunken-report. Hope to see you somewhere!

Bye now, Keiko xxx

PS. To the all the members of DEF LEPPARD. Thank you so much for a great time and unbelievabley brilliant concerts! Joe said tonight, do you remember?, if we wanted, you would come back to Japan during X tour. You must know 'WE REALLY WANT YOU TO COME BACK TO JAPAN ANYTIME!! We really let you know You didn't need to go back to US/UK if you really wanted to be here, you can buy lots of the bootlegs as Joe mentioned at the stage... you can stay here as much as you want! We're sure not forget you and wait until the day you wil come back! Don't forget we're always loving you!! I always shout 'No, Never!!!' when Joe says 'Don't forget us until the next time!' How can I forget you? I've been thinking of you for over 20 yrs... WE, ALL THE JAPANESE FANS OF YOU, MUST MISS YOU!! DON'T FORGET US UNTIL THE NEXT TIME!!!.


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