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Thursday, 19th December 2002

Sioux Falls, SD - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Jeff

Wow. That concert is still in my head 5 days after it had happened.

Joe and the boys played to an almost sold-out show at the Sioux Falls Arena. I had the pleasure of bringing one of my friends to the concert to show him what Leppard was like live.

Ricky Warwick was OK, but I really don't care for acoustic music like that.

Then Leppard came on. For being their age, the group still is very movable on the stage. Joe had an extra pep in him I didn't really see on the last tour. Joe's voice didn't disappoint either.

They began with the High 'N Dry set, which was ok. I was disappointed that they didn't play "Stagefright" but like Joe said in an interview, "you can't please everyone." The response for the new songs didn't really go well in the section I was sitting in. Once Joe announced that they were playing a new song, people already began to sit down. That's very sad because the songs off of X sound so much better live than they do on the album. "You're So Beautiful" sounded like something off of Adrenalize. The crowd did like "Four Letter Word" because it has been getting some air play down here.

After that, the show finished as normal. My friend commented that the Leps know how to put on a good show, and I agree. One of the better shows I've seen of the Leppards.


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