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Monday, 16th December 2002

Salt Lake City, UT - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Geoff

Hey Everybody, last nights concert was awesome as usual, but I was on the 13th row, so the sound was pretty muffle where I sat. It took till about half way through the show (about the time they played "NOW") that the sound started to sound better. We got the non-High N' Dry setlist. Pretty much the exact same one that they played in Phoenix or Vegas (forgot which one was the non high 'n dry). In other words, they started out with "Ring of Fire", and ended the night with "Let's Get Rocked".

The E Center was about 2/3 full, with about 6 or 7,000 people there probably. The boy's looked great, and rocked the house like usual. Man, Joe is such an amazing performer. He's right up there with all of the great ones, like Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger etc., live. I'd forgotten how d**n cool he is live! Also, hearing the guys do Switch 625 live was a special treat, especially at the end of it when Rick just goes off on the drums. It gave me goose bumps, and I almost started to get teared up to see how much he still kicks ass, and what he is able to do with just one arm. It was very special, and something I'll never forget!! When Joe introduced him (not the typical one before "Rock of Ages," but a different time) he got the largest ovation of the night (even more than after any of their songs) it was brilliant, and he stood up from his kit and put his fist holding his stick in the air, and took a big bow, and everybody just ate it up!!

Overall, it was an amazing show, but I think that the sound mix guys were stoned, because the first half of the show, you couldn't hear Joe's mic that well 'cause the guitars were drowning him out, but it was still a great experience. This was the fourth time that I've seen them live, but the first time I'd seen the extended version of "Rocket," so that was really special, as well as "Ring of Fire," and "Too Late for Love"-the first time that I'd seen those done live in person as well as the X songs.

Oh yeah, one more thing about the show, the lighting rig is AWESOME, just as others have said from previous shows on this leg. Probably their best lighting set up since the Adrenalize tour! All of the X songs went over well, but the place REALLY dug "Four Letter Word!" As for when "Long Long Way To Go" is going to be released, Joe said about Jan/Feb. Just to let you all know. Also, he said he hoped to be back again next year, but I have to assume that depends on if LLWTG really takes off as a single as to weather they will be back again or not next year.

Enjoy your show, those of you about to see them on this leg. Those of you who live in the South, or Back East, cheer up, they should be coming your way in the spring/summer.


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