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Friday, 20th September 2002

Reading, PA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Kat

The concert was awesome!!!

The opening band Rubyhorse were better than expected. The lead singer was so excited to be playing the show, he just kept running around saying how this night was a dream come through for the band. They played a 45 minute set that was very good, including their single "Sparkle" which can be heard on their web site. They earned themselves a lot of new fans at the show.

Then it was time for what everyone came to see - Def Leppard. From the first moment they hit the stage with 'Let's Get Rocked' the crowd was on it's feet! They were DEFinatly ready to rock!

Joe mentioned the new CD and that he was overruled by the rest of the band to call it "X" not "10". They ran through all the familiar songs from 'Promises' to 'Love Bites'. The audience were singing and dancing through it all. Of course by the third song Phil had shed his shirt!

Joe brought out his guitar for 'Two Steps Behind' and the first new song of the night, 'Now'. It was obvious the crowd was as familiar with the new stuff as the old because the sing-along continued.

It was back to old favorites after that from 'Photograph' to 'Rock Of Ages'.

Then it was over.....almost. They came out for an encore which started with the new song 'Four Letter Word' which went straight into 'Rock Rock' to close the show. This is the first time 'Four Letter Word' was being played live! It sounded great! It was over much too soon!.

Fan Review - By Gypsy Stardust

Just got back from the show! MAN! What a night!

Let me get this part off my chest. The sound sucked. PERIOD. Very muddy. Now, having said that, the show was unbeliveable! Rubyhorse was excellent and the crowd was very receptive to them even though most of them hadn't the first clue who they were. Singer was a bit chatty, but he was so jazzed it wasn't even funny! First thing he said was something like thanks for showing up for the biggest gig of our lives! They were totally on and the crowd got into them. Buying the cd tomorrow.

Now for what you all want to hear! Def Leppard were FANTASTIC. Consummate showman, always. The stage was very small so there wasn't a lot of running room, but they managed. No flashpots or pyrotechnics whatsoever, just them, their instruments Marshall stacks and black drapes. Sort of a stripped down show.

Did I mention it was FANTASTIC? Phil lost his shirt by the second or third song, no big surprise there. Joe actually kept both shirts on and I was dying of a heat stroke on his behalf. Joe had us sing happy birthday. The sound was so muddy you couldn't understand what he was saying and I don't think anyone had any idea who we were singing to. Ninety minutes later, driving down 422 it occurred to me that he had us sing happy birthday to the Sovereign Center, tonight was their one year anniversary. Well, duh.... took me long enough to figure it out, I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

Joe ran around taking pictures of the audience that are supposed to be up on the official web site in a few days, if he can figure out how to download them (his words, not mine...) He managed to get the rehearsal pictures up on the site, I have confidence. Oh, and the singer from Rubyhorse said that VH1 was filming the show, and there were, indeed a couple of guys running around with cameras onstage and in the audience so, I'll buy it. They disappeared when Def Leppard took the stage, I was a bit shocked, I thought they would film them too, but no dice.

It was a great show. The venue was very small in so far as sports arenas go (no 200 level at all, nevermind 300s. It just didn't exist.) I expected a lot bigger place so I actually had better seats than I thought. I still used my binoculars though! I know, no leplusting allowed... The EMTs were called in before Def Leppard went on to help one rather inebriated gentleman leave the floor. This man is going to be p-o'ed when he finally comes down and realizes he missed the concert. Sheesh! He was a mess! Oh, and NO merchandise. No shirts, programs, banners, nothing! We were a bit disappointed at that. I was prepared to buy a shirt for myself and one for my daughter, wasn't happening. It's a shame too, there were a lot of people talking about it on the way to the parking lot.

Well, anyway, You guys in Boston are in for a real treat tomorrow night, if they can manage to peel Rubyhorse off the ceiling long enough to prop them up on stage! They were REALLY wired!.

Fan Review - By Hippie Chick

The words stuck in my head ever since listening to 'Pyromania' were passion killer. After this night, they were engraved there. I had wanted to see Def Leppard ever since my huge phase a few months ago. I especially wanted to see Rick Allen, their one-armed drummer, bang on those skins. I was not disappointed. Mom and I left for my Aunt's house around quarter to 6 after eating dinner at a local place. My cousin Tabitha was excited beyond compare, already clad in a Euphoria Tour t-shirt. In the meantime before leaving for the venue, I enjoyed a few precious moments with my smallest cousin Tommy while playing 'Ring Around the Rosie.' But soon as my Uncle was ready, so were we. Within 20 minutes we arrived at the Sovereign Center in Reading, PA. We parked in a nearby lot and then began a 2-minute trek to the building. Cars were beginning to pile up with Leppard fanatics in them. We approached the place and ended up standing outside waiting for the doors to open for a while. Watching the folks around was sure amusing though! The doors open and we lined in. our purses were checked and soon all 5 of us were passed and in. we went to find our seats first. They were pretty nice; you had to look to your left to see the bands play but it didn't hurt your neck and it was high up. After a few minutes, my Uncle, Mom, Tabitha, and I went in search of t-shirts while my pregnant Aunt sat in our seats. We walked around the entire place, buying water along the way, but with no luck in shirts. Mom asked a staff member and she said that they didn't have any. What a disappointment! We headed back to our seats defeated and waiting for the opening act.

Rubyhorse came on stage shortly after. They were from Ireland and actually very cool. I'm a very open minded person when it comes to opening acts and so I also thought that these guys had commercial value and could easily make it on MTV. How ironic? They were filming parts of it FOR that very station! So I might be on TV! Before long Rubyhorse was done and it was time to hot the bathroom once more before the official concert. All of us girls did so and then came back to wait. By this time the crowd was getting a bit rowdy from drinking. Figures. And all I wanted was Def Leppard to save us all!

In what seemed like forever the lights dimmed once again and I heard the famous' Do you want to get rocked?' echo in the room. We all cheered and soon Def Leppard came on stage rocking out. What can I say? They're gorgeous even from the distance we were. Tabitha said she almost fainted from looking at Joe Elliott, lead singer, in the binoculars too much. The concert began with classic after classic including 'Foolin',' 'Promises,' and 'Animal.' To tell you the truth, I can barely remember all the songs that were played. But I'll say what I do remember- 'Love Bites,' 'Photograph, 'Armageddon It,' 'Rock of Ages,' 'Now,' 'Two Steps Behind,' and many more. Sorry for the poor memory! Oh and of course all of our favorites 'Pour Some Sugar on Me.' The encore was also 'Four Letter Word' and 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop).'

Joe Elliott was his usual amazing powerhouse self. He can sing and sure knows how to handle a microphone. Phil Collen, guitar, had his shirt off after 3 songs and was rockin' with guitar licks. Vivian Campbell, guitar, rocked and can almost equal Steve Clark (Def Leppard's first guitarist who's deceased.) in his playing. I'm starting to like him more. Rick 'Sav' Savage played an excellent bass and even did some crowd viewing like back in the 80's. But of course my biggest challenge was keeping my eyes off the drummer, Rick Allen, who happens to be my favorite and can floor me with his abilities. Rick lost his left arm in a car accident and had managed to recover and play just like he did before that. It's funny when you see them on TV you never realize his loss. But when he comes out from behind the drums to the stage, it was amazing to see. He's a living legend. The Thunder God who happens to get the biggest response from crowds. How cool eh? All in all I'm tired and thoroughly impressed and satisfied with my first Def Leppard concert experience. I hope it won't be the last.


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