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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Media Review - HOME! Def Leppard's Sheffield Triumph By Paul Brannigan

"I want to see everyone's legs in the air for this one!" Tony Wright, you've got to love him. Bradford's finest are in the Leppard's, er, den and whipping up a storm. The 'Vision work every inch of this huge stage like true pros and the hits just keep on coming. 'Perseverance', 'Celebrity Hitlist', 'Bad Actress' - every one is a winner, fired up, lairy and indecently melodic. 'My House' is great, particularly the bullish ending, where the 'Vision shouting 'M'ouse! M'ouse' sound like a German thrash band with a fear of rodents, while 'Oblivion' is, as ever, doo-wop genius. Terrorific.

"Maybe, I don't really wanna know...whoops sorry, wrong band!" The fact that Joe Elliott can confidently strum out Oasis' 'Live Forever' to 12,000 rabid hometown fans says a lot about the Leps in '96. The quintet are having a laugh. They know they're no longer the world's biggest rock band, but 'Slang' has quietly sold a couple of million while we've been creaming ourselves over Korn and Type O Negative. And you can't tell the 15-year-old girls screaming every lyric in the front row, or the guys dancing along in a different postal code at the back of the arena that Leppard are no longer relevant. The band take the stage to Queen's classic 'We Will Rock You'. And for two hours they do just that.

The show kicks in with 'Rock, Rock ('Til You Drop)', cruises through 'Piece Of The Action' and slides into top gear with the sublimely stuttering 'Foolin'', only the most cynical c**t could resist hollering along to 'Animal', while 'Hysteria' and 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak', written a decade apart illustrate that no one does the big girl's blouse weepies like Leppard. Still, 'Photograph', 'Rocket', 'Armageddon It' and 'Pour Some Sugar On Me', one after another, sound crystalline, the four-part harmonies absolutely spot on. A rock is most definitely not out of the question, it would appear.

A huge Union Jack is unfurled at the back of the stage as Leppard crank out the Stones' 'Honky Tonk Woman'. Sav changes into a Sheffield Wednesday footie top to loud cheers. Joe receiving a rather cooler reception when he pulls on a Sheffield United one thrown up from the crowd. Then 'Rock Of Ages' brings a special night to its conclusion. Joe saying, "Don't forget us cos we'll never forget you." The deafening cheers suggest he needn't worry too much. A show of class.

Most Rocking Moment - A turbo-charged 'Rocket'.

Least Rocking Moment - New single 'Breathe A Sigh' was perhaps one ballad too far.

Best Onstage Quote - "How about that chip from Albert that made Schmeichel look like a dick?" - Joe Elliott discussing the Man. Utd/Newcastle footie game with 12,000 close personal friends.

Verdict - Still rocking, still relevant.

By Paul Brannigan @ Kerrang! 1996.