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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Slang Album World Premiere, UCLA, ZBT Fraternity House, Los Angeles, CA, USA  USA.

Thursday, 9th May 1996

Show Notes

The first show in this city since December 1992 on the Adrenalize tour. A show for local radio billed as the 'Slang Radio World Premiere' featuring studio songs played and the band being interviewed with fans around them on an outside stage. They also played a four song live set. The short performance included the live debut of 'Work It Out' which was the first single released from the album in the USA. the event was broadcast live by KLOS 95.5 radio and by other stations across the USA on the album radio network. Eight extra songs were played after the radio broadcast. Short video clips from the show were broadcast by MTV during their 'Week In Rock' news show. The same clips also featured in news updates about the 'Slang' album alongside band interviews.