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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Tour Diary - By Vivian Campbell

Cape Town

Two days off precede the Cape Town show, and it's a fabulous place to have free time. The weather here is about 86F, with a cool sea breeze. Beautiful women abound and the rand (local currency) is worth f**k all, so the beer and everything else is dirt cheap.

Again, the show gets a great response; the South African audiences are extremely enthusiastic. The band, however, is a little nostalgic. With every song played, we realise it's the last time we'll do them for what will probably be another couple of years.

After the show, much male-bonding occurs as we cry in our beer and reminisce about all the bum chords, bad hair-dos and magic moments of the past 107 shows.

And with this, I bid you farewell and take this opportunity to thank all our fans, friends and colleagues, record company and road crew. To all of those who made it possible for us to act out the big, fat pop star routine once more. I quote my partner in crime, Joe Elliott... 'Don't forget us, and we won't forget you'.'

(For parts one and two see the Johannesburg and Durban pages.)

By Vivian Campbell in Kerrang! Magazine 1996.