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Saturday, 24th October 1992

Cleveland, OH - Media Reviews

Def Leppard Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio By Gitti Gulden

Art, no matter what shape or format takes, should give back some of what everyday life takes out of it. The art form we're talking about here is good old fashioned rock 'n roll, and this was it. Pure Saturday-night-going-out-forever... a classy show in a massive venue.

This is the Def Leppard show with the stage in the centre covered with a tent and when it's lifted the band are open to view on all sides. The perfect opportunity for assorted party animals to get drunk as skunks, shake their manes and generally live it up to one of Britain's best exports.

In truth the crowd don't need much goading. A quick "Let's have a fucking good time" and all heel breaks loose as the drum kit floats down and Elliott and Co. appears like magic out of nowhere. Louder than Motorhead and ZZ Top put together, the band promptly launch into it. Joe is undeniably a superstar - he just needs to move a hand, turn or scream and the crowd go nuts.

Phil Collen, dressed remarkably like some sort of rock ballet dancer, throws the shapes and delivers some of the best guitar hero tricks heard in years. The new(ish) guitarist Vivian Campbell, too, shows exactly why all the big names were after him to join - an absolute virtuoso. And Rick Allen drums away like a man demented in bare feet and you'd think he has three arms instead of one. When they go into Ian Hunter's 'Cleveland Rocks' it's an absolute master stroke and blasts the stadium wide open.

For Def Leppard are the ideal band - and one of the few who can pull it off - for a venue of this size, playing as easily and as intimately as if they were playing in a smoky little bar around the corner. Joe proves on 'Heaven Is' he can reach even the farthest fan away in the distance somewhere.

Def Leppard provide the missing ingredients in most people's everyday lives - excitement, adrenalin and fun. We're lucky to have them.

By Rock World 1992.

Gig Of The Month - Def Leppard Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland

Def Leppard have proved one of the hottest box office hits of the year with their on-going tour. While others have had to cancel or cut back on their touring plans, (including Whitesnake and Bon Jovi), the Sheffield boys show they can still pack 'em in.

We catch up with Joe Elliott and chums in the States and report on a particularly tasty show in Cleveland. It was a night when front line players Phil Collen and Viv Campbell leap into action, combining guitar technique with showmanship, which some experts claim is the secret of their success.

Others point to the vocal attack of singer Joe Elliott, while still more insist it is all to do with guts, determination and sheer timing. We think it's all about being - Def Leppard!

By Rock World 1992.


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