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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Tour Diary - Casper, Wyoming September 15, 1992 By Joe Elliott

Hi, It's 1.26pm this afternoon, in Casper, Wyoming. The sun is out, but it's a bit windy. I'm listening to a Thin Lizzy bootleg CD called 'Out On Bail'. It's good, but I was never too keen on the Snowy White period. I much preferred Gorham and Robertson. 'Cowboy Song' just came on. God, I love this song! Sorry, I'm rambling! So anyway, we got in last night, having just played Boise, Idaho and Yakima, Washington. Both sold-out shows, great crowds, especially Yakima, I know, I said Salt Lake City was good, but Yakima was unbelievable. It's the first time we've played there, and as I said on the night, it won't be the last.

I just read an article where the Chili Peppers said they hate us! It's a very strange feeling when you know someone doesn't like you but you're a fan! And I just said, I was glad they won something. Maybe we're too easy going. We tend not to slag other bands off too much ever since we were quoted (badly) as saying AC/DC "weren't that hot" 10 years ago. I think most of it's childish, but I guess occasionally human nature takes over. So to Flea and Co I say this: 'Hey guys, I like your music but you can go and eat shit'.

Oh yeah, and a line or two on Soundgarden. I saw what you said in the Kerrang! singles review of 'Make Love..'. Firstly, as regards to me wearing a Sex Pistols shirt 'all the time', I haven't worn one since we did the Brit Awards in 1989, and at least I was there when the Pistols were around. Where were you? And I suggest you put your brain-dead roadie back in his little box and tell him to shut his hole. Grow up guys.

By Joe Elliott @ Kerrang! 1992.