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Monday, 13th June 1988

Ottawa, ON - Media Reviews

Def Leppard @ Ottawa, ON By Ottawa Citizen

Any doubts that the band might have been finished after their drummer Rick Allen lost his left arm in an auto accident nearly four years ago were quickly put to rest.

Indeed, much of the Hysteria tour has been just that.

Fans showing their loyalty to a band that was hidden from that all-important , and sometimes fickle, public for several years.

Allen was certainly up to par on this hot, hot night.

Though he's had to make certain sacrifices in his style because of the loss of his arm, he was, like song 'Foolin'' suggested, a Rock Of Ages.

Basically, Allen played the electronic snare drum by stamping his left foot on the touchpad, a difficult task to master when you've played for years with another appendage.

He got several standing ovations in the process.

No surprises, though.

It was hit after hit, with the band playing on this huge stage set up so anyone in the crowd could see all five at the same time.

As banks of green lasers shot up from the floor towards both ends of the arena.

When they roared through the song 'Animal' the musical and lighting affect was stunning.

And though singer Joe Elliott was road weary and was somewhat hoarse in a few songs like the hit single 'Hysteria', he was able to draw on some great backing vocals from guitarist Phil Collen to fill in the sound.

By Ottawa Citizen.


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