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Tuesday, 13th October 1987

Philadelphia, PA - Media Reviews

Def Leppard @ The Spectrum By Philadelphia Inquirer

Whatever is the antonym of a lullaby, that is what Def Leppard was flogging at the Spectrum last night.

Performing here for the first date ib four years, the British rock quintet mounted a slam-dash-bang but disciplined show designed to cause ear damage, if not, brain damage.

Leppard's relentless guitar attack, spearheaded by Phil Collen and Steve Clark, fared better on the older material like 'Too Late For Love' and 'Foolin''.

A pleasant change of pace was the gently acoustic version of 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak'.

Of the material from the most recent album, 'Hysteria', only 'Women' with its smouldering bluesy mood was suited o singer Joe Elliott's shouted delivery and the band's boundless capacity for mayhem.

Elliott bounded about like a brawny Rod Stewart, but conserved energy whenever possible.

The band had all the performance logistics down to a science.

The rectangular stage held four nooks, equipped with individual needs like portable and towels, where the band members repaired between songs.

Def Leppard was also cagey enough to save the best music r last, using a blistering sequence of 'Rock Of Ages' and 'Photograph' for it's climax.

By Philadelphia Inquirer 1987.


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