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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
SFX Hall, Dublin, IRELAND  Ireland.

Thursday, 27th August 1987

Show Notes

The first show in this city since August 1986 on the Irish 'Concert Rehearsal' warm-up tour. The very first show of the main Hysteria world tour. The show was played just after they had completed rehearsals in Dublin and filmed the UK Version of the 'PSSOM' video with support act Tesla appearing in the clip alongside co-manager Peter Mensch. A venue played the year before during the 'A Concert Rehearsal' tour.

The set list is only known until the encores, 'Tear It Down'/'Wasted' may have been played during the encores as they were on this leg but not recorded. Only nine songs are on the recording: 'Hysteria' to 'Rock Of Ages' (including the 2 guitar solos). 'Die Hard The Hunter' (played before 'BOTH') is not included. The recording may have been cut up by the taper due to poor quality. The 'ROA' medley included the songs - Not Fade Away/My Generation/Radar Love/Come Together/Whole Lotta Love. New song 'Don't Shoot Shotgun' was played for the first time.

  • 18 - song unknown
  • 19 - song unknown