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Thursday, 31st March 1983

Cleveland, OH - Media Reviews

Billy Squier/Def Leppard At Richfield Coliseum By Cleveland Plain Dealer

Def Leppard, a British band, had the kind of energy that would have left most other headliners high and dry.

Singer Joe Elliott bounded out in his British flag T-shirt and black leather pants, singing in high gear, and never shifted to second..

In fact, this has to be the most energetic band I have seen this year.

It's also one of the most youthful; all are in their early 20s.

Elliott has blonde, stunning good looks, but again the music was the focus.

The band has two lead guitarists, Steve (Steamin') Clark, who deserves his nickname, and Phil Collen.

It's a tossup which has the most captivating riffs.

The players moved around as much as Elliott, often four of them lining up in front of the mic, including bassist Rick Savage.

During 'Switch 625', an instrumental, drummer Rick Allen poured water on his snare drum and let showers of spray shine in the lights.

The opening song had been 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)' and that pretty well summer up the set.

By Cleveland Plain Dealer 1983.


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