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Sunday, 27th February 1983

Bristol, England - Media Reviews

Def Leppard - Colston Hall, Bristol 27th February 1983 By John Tucker

It's been two years since Def Leppard last toured Britain, but the capacity crowd at Bristol's Colston Hall made it clear that they were glad to see the band back in the UK.

Rock Goddess had warmed up the crowd, although it escapes me how they managed it; they're an OK band but, face it, if they were guys they'd never have been signed. Def Leppard, however, really delivered the goods.

Having made many fans with the legendary and now rare 'Getcha Rocks Off' EP - from which 'Overture' and the title cut still remain in the set - and increasing the number with three fine albums it was difficult to see how they could go wrong on a night like tonight. The set obviously showcased the new album 'Pyromania' (released just last month), and opening with 'Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop!)' and 'Rock Brigade' the band showed no mercy and hammered out one good song after another. The only real pause for breath came with 'Bringing On The Heartbreak' and even then the audience knew that its Siamese twin 'Switch 625' would bludgeon then into total submission yet again.

Def Leppard's days in America have added more than just a touch of professionalism to their show, something that was lacking when I last saw them three years ago in a sweaty, ugly club in the middle of nowhere. Everyone's heard of the 1980 Reading debacle, but on tonight's evidence I'd expect them to be back there again soon - this time as headliners.

By John Tucker @ Metal Rendez-Vous #7 1983.


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