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Thursday, 12th May 1983

Baton Rouge, LA - Media Reviews

Def Leppard @ Riverside Centroplex - State Times Advocate

Def Leppard, unlike so many of the band's fire-and-brimstone-ly decadent musical peers, plays songs with books and choruses - complete with historic vocals and screaming guitars, salvoes, to be sure, but with far more finesse and innocent exuberance than the genre usually shows.

Playing before a surprising small crowd of just under 4,000 fans Thursday night.

The band seemed dedicated to a kind of genteel rowdiness that played more like theater than a street fight.

Leppard can certainly crank out the thunder...but even at their ear-splitting worst, melody and lyrics rang through, in spire of the distortion.

Now, whether that means Leppard simply keeps the volume to satisfy the heavy metal image, one really can't say.

But as the band's members have intimated in the past, the songs get written before the volume goes up.

Def Leppard's set was stypical of heavy metal excesses in all but its volume.

By State Times Advocate 1983.


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