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Wednesday, 18th November 1981

Lubbock, TX - Media Reviews

Blackfoot/Def Leppard @ Compton Terrace By Lubbock Press

During Def Leppard's hour performance, the band relied heavily on material from their recent album 'High 'n' Dry'.

Songs like 'Let It Go', ;Bringin' On The Heartbreak; and the title track 'High 'N'' Dry (Saturday Night) were well performed, which brought cheers from the crowd.

But this youthful band has a lot to learn.

Especially when it comes to crowd control.

During the performance of 'High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night)' an audience member threw a beer bottle on stage and not very much was said about it before the band continued.

'On Through The Night', 'Rock Brigade' and 'Wasted' were not very well done, which can be attributed to the band's inexperience at the time they recorded the songs.

Although at times the volume was too loud, at least eight sets of speakers were removed from the stage for Blackfoot.

Leppard's performance was good, and they were able to whet the audience's appetite for more from Blackfoot.

By Lubbock Press 1981.


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