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Saturday, 26th August 1978
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  • Location / Burngreave, Sheffield, ENGLAND
  • Venue / Carwood Green
  • Event / Outdoor Festival

The second public performance by Def Leppard in their home city of Sheffield.

The first time at this venue.

The venue was located in the Pitsmoor area of the city and as described in 'Animal Instinct' it overlooks an industrial estate and is the only likely location in the area where this show would have happened.

The show was a second one organised by the band's promoter friend "Bootleg Bill" and supposed to be an outdoor festival.

Note - this was was previously incorrectly named as the '28th Sheffield Show'.

That event was an annual local festival held in a different part of there city at Hillsborough Park near Steve Clark's family home and had been held there annually since 1966.

The band did not play there until September 1979.

According to the 1987 biography Animal Instinct they were paid three pounds.

The current band line-up was still - Joe Elliott, Rick Savage, Steve Clark, Pete Willis and Tony Kenning.

The field where the concert took place is called Carwood Green located next to an industrial estate and behind houses.

One of these houses is the one which the electricity was hooked up to before the power went out.

The location was previously believed to be Stanley Fields next to Pitsmoor Road in the Pitsmoor suburb of Sheffield (also overlooking an industrial estate).

The exact location was revealed by Joe Elliott's diary which was posted on the Def Leppard Vault Site.

There was no staging or lights so when it got dark Joe's childhood friends Ian Flint and Andy Smith used their own car headlights to light the band.

Joe Elliott 'Going Live' TV Show January 1993 - Interview Quote

"I would say the weirdest gig that I've ever done. which was actually before Rick joined the band was we played a field in Sheffield once and they just ran a power cable from a house and we'd plug the things in. And it went dark and nobody could see us so somebody drove two cars in front of us and turned their headlights on and we got paid three quid."

Joe Elliott June 1992 - Interview Quote

"The second gig we played was in a field in Burngreave, just up from the Wicker (a road) in Sheffield. We played in a field and it went dark so two cars parked in front of us with the headlights on and we got paid three pounds for that."

1987 'Animal Instinct' Biography Quotes

"Stardom was slow in coming after Westfield, Def Leppard didn't play another live show until August 26, five weeks later."

"Bootleg Bill scored a booking for the band as part of an outdoor festival in the accurately named Pitsmoor, a working class neighbourhood in South Sheffield."

"The organizers set up a PA system overlooking a depressing cluster of industrial buildings, using an outlet in a neighbouring house for a power supply."

"All the gear was connected to a single long extension cable with four sockets in it."

"There was no lighting and no stage. When the sun set in the middle of Leppard's set, Andy Smith, Russell Major and Ian Flint, a friend of Joe's and Andy's, turned on their car headlights to illuminate the stage."

"The festival was cut short later in the evening when an elderly woman in one of the houses adjoining the field called the police to complain about the noise."

"The headline band, a local jazz combo, was yanked off in mid set."

show intro

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setlist - (Unconfirmed)

songs by album

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show info

  • Tour - Def Leppard Early Years Tour 1978
  • Fan Recorded - none yet
  • Venue - No Website
  • Venue Address - carwood Green Road, Burngreave, Sheffield
  • English County - South Yorkshire
  • City Suburb - Pitsmoor
  • Area Map - Google
  • Last Show Here - 18th July 1978
  • Capacity - n/a
  • Attendance - n/a
  • Gross Sales - 3 Pounds
  • Headliner - Local Jazz Band
  • Support Act - Def Leppard
  • Plus various Other local acts

  • band members


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    venue street view

    A view looking towards the entrance to Carwood Green from Carwood Close. The location where the show took place. The field is only visible from above (See Google Maps Link above).

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